I believe the reason why most unbelievers have the perception that we believers are the most boring folks is that, we are not stepping up fully to do what God has commanded us to do.We dress nice,hold our bibles,pay tithes,try not to practice what the world(kosmos)does and wait for heaven.
This is the the life cycle of most believers,waiting for heaven is a very boring wait.
God’s great plan, for which He created the world and man,has been delayed and frustrated by the long reign of sin and Satan since Adam’s fall.
The original state of man is to be a believer and worshipper of God.
Any one living a self-centered life without Christ is truly living a fake life.And living a fake life will never guarantee happiness, Joy and Peace because these are only enjoyed by those whose trust is only in the lord.


Joh 14:27 Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth,….
In this,anyone who has turned their backs on God(unbeliever) is under the curse of never living a peaceful life and under the control of the God of this world, Satan.2corinthians 4:4,1John 5:19,Revelation 12:9
Truth be told,anyone who abides in God’s kinda peace, is an enviable believer and can never be boring because whenever you meet them,you will know you are lost as an unbeliever.

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Most people believe the second coming of Christ has delayed.God wants every one saved to live the original plan and not to perish.2Peter 3:9
But who is going to tell these lost brothers and sisters?Isaiah 6:8
Only one thing as at now hinders the second coming found in Matthew 24:14.
And this good news of the kingdom (the Gospel) will be preached throughout the whole world as a testimony to all the nations, and then will come the end.

Don’t be lied,these unbelievers we see on television, neighborhoods and social media are not happy people.They get afraid every now and then because God gave the antidote to fear only to believers. 2Timothy 1:9,Romans 8:15


Deep within, every unbeliever is wondering how they are going to be changed to get to heaven, it’s a worry to them. As we all know, salvation is only obtained by Grace not by will.
Knowing this,why are we waiting for heaven, whiles God is waiting for us to go out there and tell them about the Goodnews?
Have you ever sat down to realize how you can advance Christ’s cause by prayer than in any other way?Its not the only thing you can do but it’s the greatest.
It has often been said,”The devil trembles when he sees God’s weakest child upon his knees “.
If this is true,am wondering what will happen if every believer responds to the wailing of unbelievers daily saying,”Pray for me”.
There are a lot of unbelievers to pray for,I know you need prayers yourself but seeking God’s kingdom first is the solution to all your needs.


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Praying in other tongues plays a major key here since you will be praying for millions of unbelievers around the globe,who don’t know how to be saved.Romans 8:26

God is calling for an army of intercessors these last days as the harvest is plenty but few laborers.God is asking,Who will respond?Isaiah 6:8


P.S.:Anytime you see an unbeliever, the real man(Spirit) within is wailing,”I want to return back to my creator’s way of living with genuine peace and absence of the Spirit of fear,SO PRAY FOR ME”.

This is why unbelievers are called, Lost ones.Don’t be a boring Christian, begin to do exploits to be enviable.




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