Morning Dew Devotional (28th August, 2021)







1 The king and Haman went in to have a drink with Queen Esther.

2 On the second day the king again told Esther as they drank wine, “What’s your petition, Queen Esther? It will be given to you. What’s your request? Up to half of the kingdom, and it will be done.”

3 Queen Esther answered: “If I’ve found favor with you, your majesty, and if it seems good to the king, let my life be given to me as my petition and my people as my request.

4 Indeed, I and my people have been sold to be annihilated, killed, and destroyed. If we had just been sold as male and female slaves, I would have kept quiet, because the trouble wouldn’t have been sufficient to bother the king.”

5 Then King Ahasuerus asked Queen Esther, “Who is this, and where is the person who would dare do this?”

6 Esther replied, “An adversary and an enemy—it’s this wicked Haman!” So Haman was terrified before the king and the queen.

7 The king got up from the banquet in anger and went out to the palace garden, while Haman stood there begging Queen Esther to spare his life, because he realized that the king intended to harm him.”.

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8 When the king returned to the banquet hall from the palace garden, Haman was prostrate on the couch where Esther was. The king asked, “Will this man even assault the queen with me in the house?” The king had no sooner spoken than they covered Haman’s face.

9 Then Harbonah, one of the eunuchs attending the king, observed, “Look there! A pole is standing 50 cubits high at Haman’s house that he prepared for Mordecai, whose report benefitted the king!” The king said, “Hang him on it.”

10 So they hanged Haman on the pole he had set up for Mordecai, and then the king’s anger subsided.



Haman went for the second banquet prepared by queen Esther. He thought the queen loved him to that extend. In the banquet the king asked Esther once again of her petition. The king was ready to do anything for Esther. Indeed prayer has influence.

Queen Esther finally dropped the bombshell. The culprit was Haman. He planned of wiping away the entire Jews from the land. When the king heard this from the queen he became furious. He got up from the table and went out thinking of what to do to Haman.

When the king returned to the banquet hall, Haman was prostrate on the couch where Esther was? The king became more furious. The king’s eunuch told him of Haman’s plan to end the life of Mordecai. The king ordered to hang Haman on that same pole.

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Haman was hanged. Your enemies will hang themselves. Your prayer will cause this. Queen Esther averted the bad history story of Mordecai. Your bad history story can change. You only need to pray. Like Jabez who changed his bad history story.

The Jews archenemy became a history. Your archenemy will surely become a history. Beloved, go before God. Tell Him of your story. Your story will change. Prayer has influence and will continue to have influence. Show me a prayer man and I will tell you how his story.

Enemies works are to destroy. Don’t kill them through your prayers. Always commit your enemies to God. He will handle them on your behalf.


“So they hanged Haman on the pole he had set up for Mordecai, and then the king’s anger subsided.” (Esther 7:10).


Lord, I am grateful for your Word this morning. Help me fight my enemies as you fought for Mordecai. I can’t do it without you LORD, in Jesus Name!

Author: Rev. John Wundengba

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Facebook: @MorningDew

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