Lessons Learnt Late (Prison Stories): Episode 1

I lived in the barracks with my parents and was exposed to the life of the military at a tender age.

Most of these soldiers defined masculinity as having lots of sex with different women and the ability to take in alcohol and still be able to do what’s right without getting tipsy.

I fancied that as a young boy since the majority of the people I looked up to depicted this way of life as though that was how real men were supposed to live life.
I was oblivious about the ramifications of this way of life which only leads to destruction of family and purpose.

My father who was supposed to be a good role model rather depicted recklessness and the lack of good parenting to us the younger ones who were yet to be adults.
One miserable attribute of my Dad I still remember now was his non caring and unloving attitude he always displayed to me and I now strongly know why I grew up to become a rebellious son since I had no one to really confide in when I needed to be loved the most by a father.

This I believe is the main reason I suffered been a casualty of a social outcast.
For me,I had to live like my Dad to prove to others that I was also a real man and not a woman trapped in a Man’s body.
Iam now suffering from the tutelage of a bad father who could not depict the role of a loving parent to his son and now serving a jail sentence for following my dad’s footsteps. Unfortunately, my mum decided to leave my dad and take me with him but my dad strongly opposed her decision to take me along but allowed her to leave for more room for his debauchery life.But thanks be to God,I have now realized the root cause of my former life and I am determined to be a good father to my children by his grace when am released from prison to start my life anew in Christ. I will soon be released from serving my jail sentence.

I want to advise parents who are living as though they have no children to mentor and groom to become the best God made them to be to desist from such manner of life because there are serious ramifications that comes as a results of that which eventually leads to their children’s and their descendants purpose destruction.And God will demand an explanation for that eventually after this life as the lord of our lives.

Thank You.


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