MORNING DEW: Sarah Laughed

MORNING DEW: 06/10/2018

THEME: Sarah Laughed


  1. The men asked him, Where is your wife Sarah? There, in the tent, he replied.
  2. Then one of them said, I will certainly return to you in about a years’ time. By then, your wife Sarah will have borne a son. Now Sarah was listening at the tent entrance behind him.
  3. Abraham and Sarah were old really old and Sarah was beyond the age of childbearing.
  4. That’s why Sarah laughed to herself, thinking, After I’m so old and my husband is old, too, am I going to have sex?
  5. The LORD asked Abraham, Why did Sarah laugh and think, am I really going to bear a child, since I’m so old?
  6. Is anything impossible for the LORD? At the time set for it, I will return to you about a year from now and Sarah will have a son.
  7. But Sarah denied it. I didn’t laugh, she claimed, because she was afraid. The LORD replied, No! You did laugh!


Abraham received three unexpected visitors in a day time. As to whether Abraham knew they were God’s angels, the Bible is not clear on that, but it was possible he knew because he was a spiritual man. Abraham organized a good lunch for his visitors. They ate and were satisfied. Then they asked of Sarah, Abraham’s wife. They started prophesying: “I will certainly return to you in about a year’s time. By then, your wife Sarah will have borne a son”.

After eating this is what they said. Abraham as a spiritual man had to sacrifice and receive his miracle. It is rather unfortunate that this generation do not know the genuine sacrifice. They prophesied into the life of Sarah who was in the tent.

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Sarah heard the prophecy and laughed. Sarah didn’t believe the prophecy due to human point of view. Abraham never doubted the prophecy because he knew what God could do. There were some factors that triggered Sarah to laugh:

  1. Abraham and Sarah were old and Sarah was beyond the age of childbearing.

At the time Abraham was ninety nine years old whilst Sarah was eighty nine years. They were really stricken in age. In human standard there was no way Sarah could have a child. She passed the age of menopause.

One thing Sarah forgot was the personality involved. God involvement should have been enough to believe. After all He is GOD. He is the I AM. There is nothing that can be determined as too hard for Him. He can do all things. At least Sarah should have remembered what God did to mankind during Noah’s days, and during the tower of babel when God confused the people by giving them different dialects. She shouldn’t have forgotten those stories.

Beloved, have you also forgotten so soon? Why are you disturbed? People are saying you are old? They are people, and people think like humans. They say you can’t marry again due to your age, and you are worried, do you believe in Jesus the Christ? People say you pass menopause age and therefore you are worried, why, are they God?

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If only God says so you will have to believe but not humans. The doctor says you will die within one month and you are troubled, right? Is he God? He is only saying what his two eyes can see or what his books tell him, that’s all. Nothing is too hard for God to do.

  1. Sarah never heard any story like their own as a testimony. In other words, there was no precedence.

Sarah laughed because she had never heard any story like theirs. There was no precedence to learn from. But beloved, there is always the first story. There is always an initiator. All that we are reading in the Bible were done the “first day”. So your story will be the first day, even though there is no precedence. God is beginning it with you. Don’t forget, He can do anything.

These were the possible factors that triggered Sarah to laugh. Are you also laughing? The LORD asked Abraham, “is anything impossible for the LORD”?

Not at all! So wipe your tears. Is it your job, childbearing, education, sickness or diseases?

The woman who was beyond the age of childbearing gave birth to her own son at the age of ninety years (Genesis 21:1-2), it was a miracle right? Then the next miracle is coming to you.


Prayer: I have come Lord, there is nothing that is impossible before you, therefore do it for me, in Jesus’ Name!


Rev. John Wundengba


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