Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Your wife has a right to your phone!


What are you hiding? Either you’re hiding a woman or money deals. Marriage requires full disclosures. Your morals have a direct bearing on your wife’s life. She has entrusted you with her future. She has a right to know that you’re not risking her life with an immoral lifestyle. So many women are insecure in their marriages because of secrecies around the man’s phone.

Your wife must know every deal you transact. Why are you working so hard if not for your family? Your money as a man is not your money, it is family money. God blesses you to support your family. It’s your honor to hand over your cheque to your wife. She’s far better than you in planning family finances. While many men scatter family resources, most women account for every penny.

Personally, I don’t send money to anyone, not even to my mother. My Mercy sends her and anyone else we support money. I don’t understand how married men send women money. Even if your intentions are sincere, you’ll be misunderstood. If you have no affair with that needy woman, why can’t your wife send her the money? Why fight with your woman while supporting a third party?


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