Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Jesus is the ONLY Answer


Imagine a world with no murder, no theft, no poverty, no drug abuse, no divorce, no promiscuity…
Suppose every human being completely followed just one teaching of Jesus, “Love your neighbor as you love yourself.” If everybody loved their neighbor as they love themselves, No one would ever kill.

 The huge military and security budget would circulate in the economy. No one would ever steal government money. No one would sell illegal drugs. No one would sit down and wait for others to work. Everybody would be productive. There would never be poverty.
No one would ever sleep with the neighbor’s partner. No one would hurt their partner. No man would impregnate a girl and run away. Every child would be raised by father and mother. Every family would attend church to worship God. Every pastor would preach the genuine Word of God.
Teachers would teach every student as though they were their own child. We would produce God-fearing professionals. Pharmaceuticals would never produce fake drugs. Engineers would never compromise the standards of roads, bridges and buildings. Drivers would always be sober. Manufacturers would always produce quality products. Guns, bombs, porn, betting and abortion would be abolished.
While we will never achieve this ideal status in this current age, you can allow Jesus to reign in your life, and experience transcendental peace in a world ridden with chaos and evil. There’s a difference between the true Jesus and the Jesus portrayed by most Christians. Jesus is the only answer of our world.

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