Emmadade International Foundation to organise free health screening for Diawuoso community


Emmadade Outreach Ministries Worldwide and Emmadade International Foundation in collaboration with Neighbourhood clinic at Abompekrom in Obuasi will on saturday, 1st July, 2017, visit the Diawuoso community to provide free health screening, health education and evangelism.

The event, which has sindefeated.com and obuasitoday.com as part of its media partners, has been themed ‘Hands of Hope’ and it goes with the harshtag, #servinghumanity.

Emmadade Outreach Ministries Worldwide and Emmadade International Foundation were launched in April, 2017 with the aim of spreading the word of God and serving humanity through any possible means and ‘Hands of Hope’ is one of such service the group is rendering. The two non-governmental organisations have been registered with both the governments of Ghana and the United States of America.

Speaking to Ernest Hagan, the Personal Assistant of Apostle Emmanuel Adade, he explained why the revered minister of God decided to embark on such a mission.

“Our CEO, Apostle Emmanuel Adade believes in the social Gospel by reaching the lost through material and financial assistance as demonstrated by our Lord JESUS CHRIST.  One of our concept is that you owe someone a living, that is living your life not only for yourself but for others. Hands of hope is one of our philanthropic projects”, he said.

“We have fed, clothed, sheltered and provided assistance to the needy but intelligent children in the society in their education. We also visits deprived rural communities to access free health care and educated them on any health issues”, he added.

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He went ahead to explain how the exercise will be carried out;
“With this particular exercise on the 1st of July, we are going with our full medical team in partnership with Neighbourhood Clinic to take care of over 700 people. There will be free screening for HIV, Hepatitis, pressure, suckling, dental care, blood group,  malaria, diabetes etc. And we will use this medium to also win souls for His kingdom”.

Hands of Hope comes few months before the greatest annual christian event in Obuasi, the Conquest Conference. Apostle Emmanuel Adade, the founder and executive director for Emmadade Outreach Ministries is also the founder and General Overseer of Glorious Zion Mission International (GZMI), the organisers of Conquest Conference.

Rev. Victor Kusi and Rev. Ampiah Kwofie are two of the speakers for this year’s highly anticipated conference.

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