Appreciate Instrumentalist-Richmond Danquah


An internationally recognized Bass player, Richmond Danquah has called on the leadership of all churches to put instrumentalist on their list of priorities since they make church activities exciting and welcoming.

The International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Shiloh temple, Obuasi bass player  who’s also an endorsed member of US based Bass Guitar company MTD is worried at the way instrumentalist are treated by some churches.

“This is the talent given us by God and we must polish it to make our trade worth subscribing . My colleagues should therefore endeavour to develop their God-given talents  and give our all when ministering because God deserves the best. Our churches will value our gift and appreciate us as well”, he stated.

Asked whether they should be paid for their services, he had this to say “Well, not every church can put instrumentalists on payroll but every church can appreciate the efforts of its instrumentalists.


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More over, full time instrumentalists should be put on payroll since that is their source of livelihood. I am not by this telling my colleagues to rebel against  their churches when such appreciations  or motivations don’t  come as often; everything we are doing is unto the Lord”.


Richmond Danquah come Monday 28th November,2016, will be launching his single ‘Tis So Sweet’ featuring Minister BiBi on various online portals as, and others.

Richmond’s passion as a bassist started at the age of 18.With hard work, dedication and persistence in practice, he has grown to become a very good, exciting, versatile and multi-talented bassist.He started his music journey at the age of 16 as a drummer.


A couple of month’s after, he learned how to play the keyboard and used the knowledge and skill acquired to learn, build and improve himself as bass guitar player.


Richmond plays mostly in church and other gospel related functions and has had the  opportunity to record and play gigs with some of Ghana’s finest artistes like Minister BiBi Adu-Poku, Kofi Owoahene, The Levite Fletcher Narh (USA) and other gospel musicians.

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