Many prisoners have not had the luxury of true love, emanating from the very compassionate chambers of the human soul. They live in a refracted human love, as many people perceive they deserve the punishment rained on them, in accordance with the national statutes, which serve as a preamble for checking you all manner of vices.

The punishments given to the prisoners have left some hopeless, as they groan and travail every second, and then. Some also believe, their original destinies have been subverted, as there is no cause for living, and want to repudiate their lives by committing suicide.

The psychological trauma most prisoners have encountered, has promote their mental disability, having lost their creative prowess and losing their sense of humour. The change of environment have become a major concern as they are arranged as fishes, in their various cells.

To begin with, the human race is corrupt. The heart of men is deceitful, and wickedness abounds in the abode of men. The Psalmist said,”… for the dark places if the earth are full of the habitation of cruelty” Psalm 74:20.

The many news of killings, raping, theft, robbery, assaults, suicide, all pinpoint to the reality that men need the gospel. As the songwriter rightly wrote,” Let the world see Jesus in your eyes, show them love they cannot deny”. This is the higher calling for the church, which is the paramount objective of save a soul. No matter the enacted and implemented laws by the country, it cannot suffice and bridge the degree of wickedness of men. It is also disheartening to recognize the cold, mediocratic and lukewarm attitudes of many believers, who fail to take the light of the gospel around, to deliver men from satanic onslaughts, but rather join the owe in castigating and chastising these people, who by default have the seed of sin in them.

The book of Joel clearly stipulates the emergence of an army amid these hardships and turmoil. In Joel 2:2, the inspired word of God says,” a day of darkness and gloominess……there come a great and strong people…..” Amid the dark and gloomy conditions, the bible reckons, the emergency of a great and strong people. Darkness is the absence of light, where gloominess connotes to hopeless situations. There is an arrival of a mighty people; with a common mind-set to emit the love of God to these prisoners. The wailings and detriments of these prisoners have touched the heart of God, and has invoked his everlasting mercies, even the sure mercies of David, to amalgamate varieties of devoted Christians from various sect of denomination to anchor and spearhead HIS love to. The medium of the God-kind of love is the save-a-soul today ministry.

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In the Pauline revelation, he admonished us Christians to always remember those who are in prison.( Hebrews 13:3a). The driving force of this ministry is to fulfil the scriptures. The pedestal influencing the unflinching love flowing from the various participants of the ministry, is founded on Hebrews 13:3a. Evidentially, the world frowns at these prisoners, because of their gravity of crimes, and wickedness portrayed. Yet, in 2 Corinthians 5:19, the inspired word of God says “ To wit, God was in Christ, reconciling men unto, not imputing their trespasses unto them, and has given us the ministry of reconciliation”. The love of God needs not to sublime from the heart of the Christian, but be communicated unto the prisoners.

The national laws cannot condone heinous acts, which directly beray the sustainability of peace in the country. The place of the law, is to  check lawlessness, and as such, shower deserving penalties unto their victims. The story does not end there, because guilt pierces the souls of these prisoners, and as such, there should be a rain of true love unto these prisoners. How will the prisoners be loved, when a people are not sent? Self-condemnation is cancerous to the progression of any individual, and prisoners reviewing the enormity of their guilt, leave no other option than to condemn themselves to the brim.

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The save-a-soul ministry is mandated to bring back hopes, to these prisoners. This ministry is to revive lost hopes, and restitute and rejuvenate these destines. The save-a-soul aims at eradicating the despondency of the hearts of these prisoners by sharing the word of life, to them.

The ministry visits the prison cells every Saturdays, to preach the word of hope to the prisoners, and presents other gifts to them. It has always been amphitheater of ecstasy, as the prisoners merge themselves with these missionaries, in praise, worship and word of God.

  • It is a true calling from the save-a-soul, to display the God-kind of love to the prisoners, dispelling the shadow of hopelessness, guilt and self-condemnation in the lives of the prisoners.

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