ME not YOU

Some partners will cheat on you even if you are faithful to them. Some people will be rude to you even if you are polite to them. Some people will be unkind to you even if you paid their school fees or gave them capital to start business. Some people will be mean to you no matter how much you sacrifice for them.

But here’s the deal – you have no control over someone else’s attitude and behavior. The easiest route to depression is to focus on how others treat you.

I share videos and write articles every day that inspire many people around the world. But a few naughty chaps call me nasty names. That reveals who they are. My response reveals who I am. If I focused on how everyone treats me, I’d shut down this page. I focus on my own attitude and behavior.

How my Mercy treats me is not my business, how I treat her is my business. This is the simple key to happiness – work on me, pray for others. Work on yourself, pray for your friends, colleagues, neighbors and family members. And expose them to positive videos, articles, books and seminars.

We would all want everyone to treat us well. But that’s just a wish-list. You only have control over you. Do your part – work on yourself. Hypocrites and ignorant folks focus on the behavior of others.

Be good. Good people will reciprocate your kindness. Don’t allow bad people to pull you down to their level. Let your goodness not be determined by other people’s behavior but by who you are.


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