Your Daily Life Pill -Reveal Your Light


He reveals deep and hidden things, he knows what lies in darkness, and light dwells with him. (Daniel 2:22)

In life, sometimes things might seem Dark and when things seem dark in our lives, know that God is waiting for our light to shine forth.

When the world seems darkened, God is hoping we’ll illuminate it. We never know how strong we have to be until we have no other choice.

We never demonstrate unwavering faith until our faith is tested. We never know what treasures lie within us until we have no choice but to find them. God could do it all for us, but then we would never discover our own light.

Be encouraged today. If things seem dark, it’s because God is right there waiting for you to reveal your own magnificent light. God bless you……

?My Daily Life Pill?
?Reveal Your Light?
?Pastor Jephthah Kwame Brimpong ?


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