You Don’t have to Do what the Masses are Doing – Kwaku Gyasi Kwaku Gyasi5

You Don’t have to Do what the Masses are Doing – Kwaku Gyasi

Popular Ghanaian Gospel musician, Kwaku Gyasi has revealed how he has been relevant in the music scene for a long time.

The ‘Ayeyi’ composer enunciated that the Grace of God keeps him going.

“I think it is by the Grace of God. It is not something that I have expertise in too much…If God gives you the grace, whatever you do becomes fresh in the eyes of people,” he told Mr Lattus on Akonoba FM’s Entertainment Court program.

Commenting on why he does not rush to release new songs, Kwaku said: “In this music business, by God’s grace if I want to release music every week, I can…but if you using God’s name to work, you need to wait on God’s time. God’s time is good timing. You don’t have to do what the masses are doing…If you ask directions from God, he shows you the right time to come out.”

“Many people will like to hear from you frequently but I always wait on the Lord to direct me…I always go the Lord’s way and not what everybody is doing. When the time comes and God wants me to deliver the message to the whole world that is the time I come out to deliver,” he added.

Kwaku Gyasi indicated that it is his prayer for God to give people long life so that they can praise him.

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