It’s time for the world to hear about your great gospel music, event and videos.

Are you a gospel artiste, event organizer or a church looking for a larger audience and hype for your music and events, then is here for you.

This is the time when online media play a most important role in event, artiste management and branding. Our services are strictly to gospel artistes, music producers and gospel event organizers. 

Send us your work today and our team of experts will review it. Thank you for choosing us. For more enquiries, send us an email on or call/whatsapp us on +233 246 662 517 /+233 271 795 268/+233 247 516 850.

Kindly take notice of the following instructions. Please make sure to include these requirements / criteria given below;


To be able to have your song uploaded onto our website for download, a onetime payment of GH¢30.00 or dollar equivalent would have to be made to After which your song / album have to be sent to us via our email

Please follow the following steps in sending the song.

  • Attach the mp3 song to your email.
  • Name of artiste.
  • Tittle of the track.
  • Add various social media handles of artiste.
  • Current phone number.
  • Brief description about the song.
  • Provide artiste bio / profile.
  • Name of song producer.
  • Record label.
  • Professional cover art (square, minimum size 1000 pixels by 1000 pixels)
  • Specify the country if the artiste is not from Ghana.


Please note the following;

  • Do not send audio as a download link.
  • It must be a mastered track not demo.
  • It must be a gospel track.
  • Your vocals must be clear and audible.
  • It must be high quality mp3 file.



Having your music video on online media is a great way to create massive brand awareness. To be able to have your music video uploaded onto our website, a onetime payment of GH¢50.00 or dollar equivalent would have to be made to After which your music video would be sent to us via or a link of your video on youtube.

Please follow the following steps carefully in sending the music video.

  • Music video tittle.
  • Name of artiste.
  • Name of video director.
  • Brief description of the music video.
  • Record label.
  • Current mobile number.
  • Specify country if artiste is not from Ghana.
  • Social handles of artiste.


Please note the following;

  • Video must be a gospel track.
  • It must be a high quality content.
  • Video dimension should not be less than 1280 by 720.



For event promotion / hype, kindly note the following;

  • For social media promotion and hype an amount of GH¢100.00 would have to be made to for a six (6) times post on our social media platforms for a month.
  • For event banners to be posted on our website an amount of GH¢50.00 would have to be made for two (2) weeks to


  • We ensure the world gets to hear about your events.
  • For music artiste and song producers we offer promotion and good press for your music and video releases and ensure that you reach your targeted audience and increase your social media following.
  • We will create traffic on social media to help you reach thousands of fans and get more user reviews and comments. We guarantee nothing less than 10,000 downloads.
  • We promote you both locally and internationally. We will share your content on all social media platforms. Mass distribution of your song to active email subscribers is assured.


We own the right to whether or not publish your content on this platform depending on your observance of the above rules.

When your content is published, we will notify you via your social media pages especially tagging you both on facebook and twitter.

Thank you for choosing us. … promoting Christianity


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