Stay Disciplined

I chanced to read an article last week in a comparative nature between two sportsmen in the area of football, Dani Osvaldo and Cristiano Ronaldo. In as much as the former loves the game, and having conceded it has given him much money than any other job, he admitted to the reality that, whiles Cristiano would do 150 press ups, he will rather prepare food to eat and smoke, thereby proclaiming, he does not have the self-discipline to continue with the sports.

I reiterate this analogy by a quote by George Washington, “Discipline is the soul of an army, it makes small numbers formidable and procures success to the weak”.

Without a shred of doubt, each one of us inherently has a distinctive quality which when nurtured and nourished will catapult us into the dynamisms of glory.

Yet, the fallacy that has befallen many of us, is that, majority prefer to be onlookers, passer-by and standing in awe of others greatness whereas they themselves continue to move to and fro as a mule.

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The lack of discipline has actually averted the vision of others. People born as authors read no more, prospective long standing businessmen are not judicious in their spending, academicians can’t exert their distinguished mental prowess because of their sloppy approach to learning.

There is no disparity between the small and great. The mystery is that, ” the great intends and subdue his flesh to win, whereas the small says, ” anything that will come should come, after all, I ain’t superhuman “.

I end with an Igbo proverb that says, ” we all live by hope, but the reed can never be as an iroko tree just by wishing, there are many things on your wish list but, it takes discipline to execute it (paraphrased).

Shalom new month.

You are born to win.

Win at all cost.

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