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Seek God And Live

DEVOTION 10/10/2017


TEXT: AMOS 5:1-8

 4  “For this is what the LORD says to the house of Israel: ‘Seek me and live,

 5  but don’t seek Bethel. Don’t go to Gilgal, and don’t pass over to Beer-sheba. Because Gilgal will surely go into captivity, and Bethel will come to nothing.

 6  ‘Seek the LORD and live! Otherwise, he may break out like a fire in the house of Joseph and devour Bethel, and there will be no one to extinguish it.

 7  Those of you who are making justice taste bitter, and who have thrown righteousness to the ground:

 8  Seek the one who fashions the Pleiades and Orion, who turns the deep darkness into morning, who darkens day into night, who calls out to the waters of the sea, pouring them out onto the surface of the earth— the LORD is his name.


Bethel was supposed to be the house of God according to the Hebrew rendering, but the Israelites turned it into the house of idols. They corrupted the worship of God, and turned to idols. They had sought to Bethel, where one of the golden calves was. They had frequented Gilgal, a place which they chose to set up idols in, because it had been made famous in the days of Joshua by God’s wonderful appearances to and for His people. Beer-sheba likewise, a place that had been famous in the days of the patriarchs, was now another rendezvous (place of meeting) of idols as we find.


The children of Israel abandoned God and sought idols instead. They were into all kinds of idols. They forgot what their parents told them about the experiences in the land of Egypt, where God had to kill and destroy on their behalf. They forgot what happened at the Red Sea.

Whatever you are seeking for is where your heart tights to. What your heart yearns to is your god. What are you seeking for beloved? Is it money, power, wealth, magical ring, oil, water, sticker, houses, television shows, radio programmes, clothings, talisman, etc. These are all gods being served by many.


1. He can rain fire on the entire human race and no one can sue Him.

2. He is the Creator and can do anything to His creation.

3. He is the only Judge and will judge our accounts practiced on earth.

Stop running after smoke for every smoke there is fire.
Seek the Lord and live. Neglecting Him is signing your eternal doom.

The Hour Is Now!

Prayer: Thank you Father for your Word. I am ready to walk with you. I will seek you at all times in Jesus mighty Name!

Rev. John Wundengba

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