Nacee to release ‘Mpaebo’ on March 11 ahead of new album

After almost three years of less activity since he released the ‘Counselor 1’ album, Nacee is girding up for his new album.

The video and audio for the first single ‘Mpaebo’ (Prayer) taken off the new album, ‘Time With God’ will be released on Monday, March 11, 2019 on all music platforms.

For the umpteenth time, ‘Mpaebo’ sees Nacee assume his usual role of a songwriter, producer, mixer, lead vocalist and backing vocalist – all on just one song!

Touted not only for his eclectic voice and production skills, Nacee also brings his prowess in songwriting to bear on the new single, where he sings about how as humans, we are nothing and need the grace, mercies and presence of God in our lives.

He literally sings about the fact that we are nothing but just pencils in the hands of the creator, God.

The production has almost everything – a reggae base incorporated with ear-pleasing instruments with a highlife feel, giving ‘Mpaebo’ such an upbeat, yet soulful and inspiring groove.

The music video to the single does not shift away from the core message of the song, as Director, McWillies, produces such a classy interpretation of the concept, originally drawn by Nacee for the video.

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‘Time With God’ is set for release before the close of the first quarter of the year and is expected to touch lives, change mindsets, offer blessings and surpass all the feats chalked by the ‘Counselor 1’ outing.

The ‘Counselor 1’ album garnered 11 nominations at the 2017 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards and ultimately won the ‘Album of the Year’ category.

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His new music project is under the auspices of Cebex Music Production, the audio and music video for ‘Mpaebo.’


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