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My Daily Life Pill- The Purpose Of Creation

When you have entered the land the LORD your God is giving you as an inheritance and have taken possession of it and settled in it, take some of the firstfruits of all that you produce from the soil of the land the LORD your God is giving you and put them in a basket. Then go to the place the LORD your God will choose as a dwelling for his Name. ( Deuteronomy 26:1–2)

The Greatest Good that God can Give is God Himself. In other words, God created the world as an act of kindness. He wanted to give something wonderful to us, and the greatest pleasure that any human being can experience is the pleasure of having a relationship with God.

God gave us the commandment of the firstfruits so that we will recognize Him and have a relationship with Him – the very purpose of creation.

The true test of our relationship is not when we are in need; rather, it is when we are most successful.

It is in our greatest moments and achievements that we must recognize our dependence on God.

Today, we can practice this profound directive by recognizing God in all we do. We can dedicate a percentage of our earnings to charity and use our talents for God’s purposes — not because He needs our help, but because we need Him in our lives. Bless you. ..

?My Daily Life Pill?
?The Purpose Of Creation?

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