MORNING DEW: Don’t go ahead of God

MORNING DEW: 23-10-2018



“Joshua got up early the next morning. Accompanied by all the Israelis, he set out from the Acacia groves and arrived at the Jordan River, where they encamped before crossing it. Three days later, the officers went throughout the camp, giving orders to the people. They said, when you see the Ark of the Covenant of the LORD your God being carried by the Levitical priests, then get up, leave where you are, and follow it. Be sure to keep a distance of about 2,000 cubits between you and it. Don’t come near it, so you can be certain where you’re going, since you haven’t passed this way before. Then Joshua addressed the people: Consecrate yourselves, because tomorrow the LORD will do marvellous things among you. After this, Joshua instructed the priests, Take up the Ark of the Covenant and cross over ahead of the people. So they took up the Ark of the Covenant and went on ahead of the people.”


After the demise of Moses, a new leader called Joshua took over the leadership role. God was to use him send the Israelites to their final abode, the Promise Land. They were ready to redeem what belonged to them.

Here is Jordan they were ready to cross. But God gave them specific instructions or directions as to how they could cross the Jordan River. The instructions might have looked odd. It might have not made sense. But the point line is that God gave them the instructions and such must be obeyed.

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One of the dangers in Christianity is not obeying God’s instructions. God says A and you say B. Or God says do A and you do B instead. To be able to complete the race, total obedience to the Word of God should superintend everything.

One of the instructions was they should not go close to the Ark, keeping away a distance of two thousand yards.

You should bear in mind that the Ark was God’s presence. So the Ark didn’t need guards. God Himself is mighty. Nothing can stand Him. When you are walking with God there is nothing to fear of. He can deal with seen and unseen circumstances.

This charge to them not to come near was agreeable to that dispensation of darkness, bondage, and terror: but we now through Christ, have access with boldness. No more dispensation of darkness, bondage and terror. Now we have direct access to His presence.

“… So they took up the Ark of the Covenant and went on ahead of the people” (verse 6). This was also one of the instructions or directions. The Ark of the Covenant should go before the people. And that means God should take the lead before the people.  Formerly the ark was carried in the midst of the camp, but now it went before them to search out a resting-place for them (Numbers 10:33).

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In the ark the tables of the law were, and over it the mercy-seat for the divine law and grace reigning in the heart are the surest pledges of God’s presence and favour, and those that would be led to the heavenly Canaan must take the law of God for their guide.

They might depend upon the priests and Levites, who were appointed for that purpose to carry the ark before them.

The work of ministers is to hold forth the Word of life, and to take care of the administration of those ordinances which are the tokens of God’s presence and the instruments of his power and grace and herein they must go before the people of God in their way to heaven.

Don’t try to go ahead of God.

Take every direction from Him, the sure way of victory.

Prayer: Lead me Lord, to get to my final destination, in Jesus Name!


Rev. John Wundengba


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