Malonzy – Ignition (Full Album) malonzy ignition album 500x500

Malonzy – Ignition (Full Album)

  1. Intro (Prod by Possigee)

2. Yesu (Prod by Pee GH)

3. Control (Prod by Pee GH)

4. Yensuro Obia (Prod by Street Beatz)

5. Halellujah (Prod by Pee GH)

6. Golgotha (Prod by Pee GH)

7. Akwantufo (Prod by Pee GH)

8. Bisa Nyame (Prod by Pee GH)

9. Kwankyerefuo (Prod by Street Beatz)

10. Yes Reba (Prod by Pee GH)

11. 2017 (Prod by Street Beatz)

12. Br3br3 ft Fritz

13. Choices (Gospel Rendition)

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