Living Word Devotional – MOVE ON

As far as the east is from the west, so far has He removed our transgressions from us. PSALM 103:12

A new believer had a job in a small office. As he worked on the computer one day, he saw that message, Warning: Your memory capacity is full on his computer screen. Reluctantly, he marked all files he thought were just taking up space on the computer for deletion and pressed the delete button. Instantly he began to see the titles of the selected documents being whisked away into the eternal trash bin, never to be seen again. But as he watched each title appear on the screen for just a split second, each one brought up a small memory of what he was doing when he created the document. Each document title signified an experience, whether big or small, important or insignificant.

That evening he brought up the incident in a conversation with his pastor. He said to his pastor, I wish that I could delete all my past mistakes from my memory.

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Do you wish you could delete your past mistakes from your memory? For example: starting a bad habit in your youth delete. Mistakes with career choices delete. Making rash decisions delete. Wasting great opportunities delete.

Sadly, we cannot delete all the wrong things we have done from our memory. Even when Christ has forgiven us, our minds still retain the memories of our past. Gods forgiveness erases sin from our hearts and not our minds. Meaning that apart from receiving Gods forgiveness, we have to learn to also forgive ourselves. When God forgives us, He also charts a new course for our lives. Our minds may still remember some of our past mistakes but in the mind of God, our forgiven sins are gone forever. Dont let your old memories cripple you; move ahead with Christ in newness of life.

PRAYER: Thank you Lord, for newness of life in Christ.



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