Harvest Favour – Aha Ya (Lyrics)

Fast rising gospel minister, Harvest Favour, breaks out with an unusual Igbo sound titled “Aha Ya”.

The song “AHA YA” means “His name” (the name of Jesus), stirs celebratory expressions over the ultimate power, supremacy, sure victory, and goodness of the highly exalted name of Jesus in every soul who hears it.

“Aha Ya” divinely came as an answered prayers of her late father; Archbishop (Prof.) David Eberechukwu, who had ordered for an Igbo song for the purposes of evangelistic outreaches for the masses in and out of Nigeria.

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We have a name!
The name that is all powerful!
The name Jesus!
And I need you wherever you are,
To call on that name yeah..mm
Everybody say

Aha Ya,
Ọ dị ike niile
Aha Ya,
Ọ na-eme mma (2x)

Verse 1:
Mgbe m kpọrọ aha Ya
Ikpere niile ga-egbu n’ala
Aha Ya! Ọnụ kwuru njọ ga-ekwu mma o
Aha Ya! Ọ bụ ya na-eme mma
Bụrụ kwanụ ebe mgbaba mụ o
Aha Ya kachasị aha niile o
Aha Ya! Ọ bụ ya na-agwọ ọrịa
Aha Ya! Ọ bụ ya gbapụtara m n’ọnwụ o
Aha Ya o o o! M nwere nwere onwe
Ihe m yọrọ ya na aha Ya
Ọ ga-enye m ya tinye jara o o o

Aha Ya,
Ọ dị ike niile
Aha Ya,
Ọ na-eme mma (2x)

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Verse 2:
Odogwu n’agha
(Onye m chetere), obi e sie ike
(Ebube) mbekumbe
(Ọ bataraana), o bie e e
(Ebube dike!) Ọ kaa Ọ mee
(Ngalaba m o!) Igweee

(Kpọọ Ya)
Olisa bi n’igwe
Agụ na-eche mba
Ọdụm ebo Juda
Elewe e jeghị ọrụ
(yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!)

Ibu anyị danda
Aka na-agbaji aka
Na-agba igwe
Oti mbodombo
(O o o.. , Ọkaakaa bi n’eligwe yeah)

Aha Ya,
Ọ dị ike niile
Aha Ya,
Ọ na-eme mma (2x)

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Vamp; Call & Res.;
Oti mbodombo – Aha Ya
Onye na-eme mma – Aha Ya
Aka ná-agwọ ọrịa – Aha Ya
Onye na-enye udo – Aha Ya

There is victory in the name – Aha Ya
Power in the name – Aha Ya
Freedom in the name – Aha Ya
Deliverance in the name – Aha Ya

Call Him – Aha Ya
You better call Him – Aha Ya
In the morning, in the noon time – Aha Ya
At the night time – Aha Ya
He’s gonna answer you yeah yeah – Aha Ya
Oya kpọbaara m aha Ya – Aha Ya
Kpọbaara m aha Ya – Aha.

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