Profile of the Newly Elected Assemblies of God Ghana General Superintendent

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Assemblies of God Ghana at their 30th Biennial General Council Meeting 2022 on 5th August elected Rev. Dr. Stephen Yenusom Wengam as the new General Superintendent. He will take over from Rev. Prof. Paul Frimpong Manso who just ended his two terms in office.

Rev. Wengam headed the Cedar Mountain Chapel of the Assemblies of God at East Legon.

Profile of Rev. Dr. Stephen Yenusom Wengam

Rev. Wengam was born to the late Matthew K. Wengam and Mrs Deborah Wengam on 19 September 1972 at Tema Community Four.

He hails from Paknatik in the Bunkpurugu Yoyoo District in the North East Region. His parents had four children, but three passed away barely before he turned six years.

“It was quite difficult for me. We lived in a compound house, and whenever it rained, the kids would rush into their rooms. I could hear our neighbours jumping and playing, but I was with my parents alone. I used to ask my parents, ‘why don’t you have another child so I could have a brother or sister?”

As prophecies of Christ abound in the Old Testament, so was Rev. Wengam’s fate as a pastor revealed during his christening.

From the line of prayer of the late J.C. Tetteh, his parents knew that he would be a servant of God.

Hence they preserved him in discipline to set him apart for the task ahead.

As young as five, he would assemble other children, sit them down and start mimicking preachers sharing the word of God.

The young Stephen Wengam was inseparable from his pastor. It left his parents with no choice but to allow regular visits during school vacation due to unbearable squeaks by their son.

It was not until 13 years in 1985 that he gave his life to Christ, and since then, he has never looked back lest he turns into a pillar of salt.

For him, there is no alternative to Christ.

For people who discredit the fact that leaders are born, their answer is Rev. Wengam.

From the first day at school, he was either a prefect or assigned a role that placed him in a higher level of responsibility.

He has been a staunch Christian, pious, strict and ensured a high level of discipline.

At the Teshie Estate Preparatory School, he was acting school prefect a year before Upper Six.

He was a junior yet appointed a head over his seniors and was later confirmed for the position. He combined the role with being the President of the Good News Club.

When he advanced to the Tema Senior High School (TEMASCO), he was elected as the School Prefect and the Scripture Union (S.U.) President.

The only time he became what he termed as “bad boy” was a point in his second year when a beautiful young girl swept him off his feet.

Rev. Wengam recounted how he wrote a love letter to the lady and received an affirmative answer in days.

But this brought an embarrassment of a lifetime as S.U. Leaders intercepted the letter mysteriously.

The S.U. Sanhedrin grilled him, but he denied, and then they pulled out the love letter.

“If there was any moment I felt ashamed, embarrassed and disgraced, it was that day. I cried and apologised. The thing got at me, and I admitted that I was wrong”.

“I thank God it [the relationship episode] didn’t last more than 48 hours”.

He remained pure and a virgin till he got married at age 28.

“It is not only virginity that makes a marriage work, but sanctity and chastity attracts God’s blessings,” he encouraged the younger generation to emulate purity.

Service to God and Nation

In his first year at the University of Ghana (U.G.), where he studied B. Sc. Administration specialising in Marketing, he was appointed National President of the Assemblies of God Campus Ministry.

He became a Radio Pastor for Radio Universe and a talk show host on bible exposition.

Currently, he is the resident pastor for Accra-based Citi FM, hosting a daily devotional programme on weekdays.

When it was time for his national service, Wa was his only preferred destination.

“I chose Wa intentionally. I wanted a place where I could go and serve God better and make a better impact,” he explained.

Rev Wengam later served as the Assemblies of God Youth Director for Greater Accra for 10 years.

With a team of motivated leaders, they diversified the church’s programmes on educational development and spiritual growth.

He was Associate Pastor at the Glory Assemblies of God and Osu Ringway Assemblies of God.

Then came his appointment as the Director of Administration at the headquarters of the Assemblies of God for eight years, spanning the leaderships of three different General Superintendents.

With his background and professional experience, he shaped some of the church’s policies to appeal to the generational divide.

They started Assemblies of God Professional Network, Prime Insurance Company and introduced capacity-building initiatives.

Assemblies of God was ushered into an era of media vibrancy on national issues and engagement with the public.

He was part of the committee that drafted the current Assemblies of God constitution.

As the West Africa Executive Coordinator of Global Leadership Training, he has developed leadership manuals with the blessings of the headquarters in the U.S. for training over 3000 pastors on essential topics not addressed in Bible School.

These include branding and effective church administration.

Perhaps Rev. Wengam is synonymous with prison ministry as the country called on his leadership to serve as a member of the Prisons Council and later Chairman of the Prisons Council.

His ‘baby’ was the self-help project to transform Ghana’s prisons dubbed ‘Project Efiase’, executed with astute council members.

He spearheaded a 10-year strategic plan and a trust fund to appeal to citizens, the private sector and the international community to raise GHS 26 million yearly to implement the project.

The government responded and gave the prisons service 88 vehicles and released GHS 50 million to build the first remand prisons at Nsawam to decongest the Medium Security Prisons.

Other diplomatic missions responded to the clarion call.

The U.S. government sponsored about 76 prison officers for further training abroad.

Additionally, equipment and donations flooded the prisons to ease the inhumane conditions of inmates.

At the time, the daily feeding fee for prisoners was GHS 0.80, including profits for contractors.

It was revised to GHS 1.80 after intense engagement with the government with the hope of getting  GHS 3.

“We don’t understand the correctional system, so we think it is a waste to push money towards prison reforms”, but “the prison is everybody’s potential home”.

He also lobbied for the distance learning programmes by the University of Ghana (U.G.) to be introduced in prisons in 2016.

But for the council’s input, Ghana’s proposed 40-year development plan by the National Development Planning Commission (NDPC) would have relegated prisons.


He is married to Monica, and the couple celebrated their 21st anniversary on 14 February 2022.

They are blessed with an eight-year-old daughter and a six-year-old son.

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