Bishop Dr. Elvis Kessey Releases 3 Books in a Day!

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The Senior Pastor at the Victory Bible Church International, Obuasi, Bishop Dr. Elvis Kessey has released three Christian books at the church premises today, 8th November, 2020. The event which was attended by well known Ministers of God and top politicians in Obuasi including the Municipal Chief Executive, Hon. Elijah Adansi Bonnah, lasted for three and half hours.

Bishop Dr. Elvis Kessey is a prophet and teacher of the Word with two books already in his name before the launch of the three new books. The Bishop has ministered in many countries across the globe including the USA, UK, Holland, Belgium, UAE, China, Pakistan and South Africa. The rest are Kenya, Lesotho, Togo, Nigeria and Benin. He is also the founder of the School of Prophets and School of Ministry in Obuasi. Bishop Dr. Elvis Kessey also ministers on Shaft FM, Aseda FM and also on Precious TV.

Rev. Sylvanus Adjei Brown, International Central Gospel Church, Bogobiri-Obuasi,
Rev. Sylvanus Adjei Brown, International Central Gospel Church, Bogobiri-Obuasi,

Speaking at the event, the senior pastor of the International Central Gospel Church, Bogobiri-Obuasi, Rev. Sylvanus Adjei Brown revealed that Bishop Dr. Elvis Kessey has been his trusted friend since ministry brought him to Obuasi.

“He is a gift God has given me”, he said.

Bishop Eddie Fabin, Presiding Bishop at the Light House Chapel, Obuasi

The Presiding Bishop at the Light House Chapel in Obuasi, Bishop Eddie Fabin encouraged the congregation to be avid readers in order for them to also become good writers and leaders.

“Leaders, they say, are readers and readers are leaders so if you want to become like Bishop Dr. Elvis Kessey, then you must also become readers”, he advised.

Bishop Dr. Elvis Kessey’s first attempt to write a book in 2004 didn’t go as expected as the book still remains unpublished but he went ahead to write and release two books in the last 3 years: “The Ministry of the Prophetic Walk” and “Perception or Revelation”.

Releasing his third, fourth and fifth books on the same day in Obuasi on Sunday, he used the opportunity to encourage all Christians  to keep on going even when the ‘going’ gets too tough. The first book released on the day was titled, “Don’t Wash Your Net Yet” followed by “Turning Your Trends into Triumphs” and then “Claim Your Change”.

Apostle Emmanuel Adade, Founder and Senior Pastor at the Glorious Zion Mission International in Obuasi, said God is speaking through the Bishop to His people. He added that the 3 books released confirm that the world is in a season of recovery.

Bishop Osei Tweneboah Koduah, a founding member of the Victory Bible Church International in Obuasi, officially unveiled the books with the first copies bought at the price of GHc10,000.

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