Born into a Christian Family but still hated Church, She now sings to draw people closer to God. Meet SANSA

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Born as Sarah Korang Sansa, her teachers and friends preferred to call her surname SANSA which means PRAISE and also means the third born of a family in her local dialect, Lobi. Due to the high interest and the revelation attached to her surname, she decided to use SANSA as her stage name. Sansa is from the Northern part of Ghana, a town called SAWLA, but she was born in Techiman in the Bono Region.

She was born into a strong Christian home; her Dad a Pastor and her mum is a deeply rooted Christian who stands firmly behind her dad. She is also the last of three girls. She was raised and nurtured on the word of God.

“Every morning at exactly 4:00am, Dad would wake everyone up for morning devotions, I would wake up full of anger, discomfort and rage towards him. Anytime I dozed off during those devotions, my dad would pinch or smack me on the thigh to wake me up, I would wake up disrupted and confused so I say unknown words of prayer and fall back asleep again, then the cycle continues until I am fully awake”, she told

She admitted she despised waking up at 4am every morning and she thought her dad was pushing the God ‘thing’ forcefully on her.

“I hated Sunday services and week evening services, I went to church because dad wanted me in church. My heart was never there and I just didn’t care about the stories of the Jesus they kept on feeding us”, she revealed.

As early as age 5, little Sansa started singing. She would sing in church and in school.

“…that was the one thing that got me a little engaged with church service. In school, my friends would sit with me and I would teach them the latest songs. As time went by, I realized I had no understanding of all the songs I sang in church, I did not know the weight the name of Jesus carried in those songs. I was so lost in my own words that I sang all those songs without acknowledging the strength of its source”, she remembers.

In August 2009, Sansa was enrolled into Sunyani Senior High School, one of the top high schools in the town she lived.

“I had no intension of going to that school; I wanted a school out of town, where I could be independent enough to explore the world of my age”, she said.

““Truth is, as much as I hated the idea of being a student there, that school turned out to be a blessing in disguise”, she added.

One Saturday morning, whiles singing and ironing her clothes, something she does more often, the student girl’s chaplain who happened to be passing stopped when she heard her lovely voice.

“You have such an amazing voice, will you sing this Sunday at student’s church service?“ she asked.

Without hesitation and without thinking twice, Sansa answerd in the affirmative.

“As I was seated on a bench after singing before the whole student body on the Sunday, the student boy’s chaplain walked over to me and said;

“I see God in you and you have no idea what you carry.”

One Sunday morning after singing at the student’s church service, a young pastor by name Eric who was invited to preach at the service called Sansa on stage and asked the entire congregation to stretch forth their hands towards her in prayer.  He asked them to speak prophetically into her life. He said he had seen the hand of God upon her life and he certainly knew on the spot that God was going to use her.

Some weeks after that service, the young Pastor who has been her greatest blessing until now, walked her into a room together with a group of believers. As they began to pray, something strange happened to her.

“I felt an unusual vibration and there on my knees I began to cry uncontrollably. I did not know what made me cry, but the tears came out from a heart yearning to know and to seek a God who was right inside a room of prayer warriors.”

At that very moment, she realized how lost she had been. She acted exactly like the prophet Isaiah when he saw the face of the Lord.

“It was the Lord, I knew I had encountered the God of my father. I knew I had met the God who had been pursuing me since I was born”, she told

That was her day of visitation and it changed her life. The following Sunday whilst she was singing the song EL SHADDAI, a strong hand shook her.

She narrated the incident vividly:

“The song that came out of me was like someone in control pushing the song from my belly. I felt the fullness of God in the room and my voice was so full of ‘tears’. I was filled with sorrow and at the same time with joy and fulfillment.”

Sansa believes that day was her very first impactful ministration. It was on that day and moment that she realized the power of music, the power that lurks behind the songs being sung unto God and the power behind the songs that can heal the sick, liberate and Save.

She vowed on that day to sing songs that will draw people closer to God and make them discover Him for themselves. That was where her journey with God begun. She discovered her true identity. It was in that very year of conviction that she met a young man by name Obed, popularly known as Yoofi, who discovered and nurtured her musically. He became her voice coach, as well as introducing her to non-denominational musical groups. He supported her by also connecting her some ministers of God where she became their backing vocalist. Obed has and is still a great pillar in her life.

Sansa launched her very first single “I need you” in the year 2015. She was then in her second year in the University of Energy and Natural Resources.

“God taking me through the process of time taught me a lot of things. He shaped my mind and controlled my life entirely”, she said.

In the year 2016, she released her second song “Hang in There” online. Though both songs did not travel as far as she expected, it made great impacts in the lives of those who heard it. Through the release of her two tracks, God has given opened some opportunities for her to minister on many many platforms, both locally and internationally. Being a youth and worship leader of her local church, Sansa preaches the word of God, go on missionary trips and minister through songs.

In August 2017, she graduated from the University with a bachelor in Natural Resources Management. Tasha Cobbs Leonard has been one of her greatest role models and Pastor Isaiah Fosu-Kwakye Jnr. is her strongest backbone.

Sansa’s Message for all Christians

“I have faced many different challenges which I grew up to learn from, God has made man in such a way that he goes through the pages of life learning from each step he takes. For an artist to flesh out his vision, he/she needs the right resources both human and material resources. With these, he can be able to reach out to people and be able to pour into them great impacts.”

“I believe that, the light can only bear witness of the light, when Jesus treaded on the surface of the earth, He invested the entirety of Himself to bear witness of God, His father, even to the point of death. With this, I would like to advice all Christians, churches, individuals and Christian organizations, to support each other in order to project the identity of God.”

“Finally to all men and women of God out there, it is my prayer we all come into the full embrace of living a life that projects who God is, that our lives would radiate His being, and in His likeness, all men would be drawn unto Him (1 Timothy 1:16).”

“With this, I urge the entire Christian family in Ghana to support and project gospel music, much attention must be paid to celebrate gospel music in order to bring out a bread of strong, committed and impactful gospel musicians.”


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