Why The Pew Opts For False Prophets

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The many problems people penetrate in this life need answers. They hunger for answers which will exterminate sorrows and tears from their heart and will be an emblem of restitution in every phase of their lives.  Answers that will be a seed of continuous bliss in their lives and perpetually sublime wallowing and vexations from their lives. These answers are very crucial pertaining to one’s salvation; as they can either escalate one’s faith or demoralize one’s faith. The ordeal end is how victims of life’s circumstance extremize their quest for solutions by resorting to anything presented to them as a solution provider. The longevity of problems which elude people causes them to hallucinate the power of God, and have ill perception about others whose lives have been a spree of the miraculous; branding them as deceivers popularizing themselves by playing on the gullible minds of people. These ill accusations hyper-inflate when a genuine man of God is materially blessed; such a person is considered looting the church’s coffers and ripping church members off their finances in the name of seed sowing.

In such an era where the pew insatiably searches for solutions to their questions, they find themselves self – acclaimed prophets whose preliminary mission is to satiate their personal gains. Prophets who are callous and have no empathy for souls who have been beaten down by life’s circumstances, but rather capitalize on their vulnerability to popularize themselves. This end time fallacy is accruable to many reasons.

Firstly, patience as a virtue is omitted in the lives of many. There are many people who want to proffer solutions expeditiously, and as an effect contaminate themselves with wrong choices. The hastiness at which people subject to the circumstances, desire to ascertain solutions is always rapid. This hell-for-leather attitude compels the masses patronize every self-acclaimed prophet. Many people do not want to possess the luxury of patience; but would want mastermind their freedom and in the long run fall into the unscrupulous prophets, and in the end intensify their woes.

Secondly, the degree of spiritual boredom resident in majority of the local assemblies results to peculiar reasons why the pew opts for false prophets. The caricature presentation of the gospel by some ministers of God tends to neutralize the passion of many for the power of God, but normalize everything. Jesus, asserting His resurrection to His disciples in Acts 1:3 anchored it with many infallible proofs. The essence of the signs and wonders is to probe the manifested presence of God in a given area. When the prevalent events in a particular church are bait and switch to the reality of the Scripture, it indirectly drives people to find solution elsewhere. People meddling in the very odd of life for a longer period have their faith shattered and redirect their attention to seeking solutions by all means from others. Such people eventually fall into the trap of false prophets.

Lastly, the insensitivity of the masses has compounded the patronage of these false prophets. The proof of son ship is one’s sensitivity to the promptings of the Holy Spirit. At a dispensation where people have no voracious appetite for God’s word, it is no surprise that many cannot decipher truth from perverseness. The cruelty of such false prophets has no boundaries, as they   inflict such word truants into believing in gimmicks as a means to their solutions. Arguably, the bane of such truants in the word magnifies as they never acquire lasting solutions or get their faith bolstered.

There is a rise of false prophets. God spoke through His old testament prophet, Jeremiah, that,  “ I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran: I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied “.

Be vigilant, the day of the Lord is at hand!!!


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