The King of the Universe

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The King of the Universe
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Jesus is a household name. It is mentioned at the beginning of long sermons during times of prayers before messages are presented. It is synonymous with a Jewish Galilean who was pitched on a cross with a crown of thorns and pierced in both hands and has become a man always pictured on a crucifix hanged around the neck by many a religious people. Who is Jesus ? I have asked myself this question over a period of time and thanks to God i searched the scriptutes for divine erudition and obtained understanding. Jesus is not to be regarded after “the flesh”. He is the second person of the trinity and a divine persona, a supreme character of heavenly origin.
I remember when i first beheld the person of Jesus, i ceased to associate him with religious representations. I saw a complete divine personality with the likeness of a son of a man. He gave me an inner witness in my spirit and craved my apprehension of who i had seen, he quickened me in understanding his identity and i  was utterly convinced i had beheld Him.
The Spirit of wisdom and revelation eases the spirit of man’s quest in ascertaining to the true personality  of the Lord Jesus.
Jesus is the head of all things for the “church” which is his body, he is crowned the Lord over heaven and earth and his fullness fills every single thing in the universe.
The universe has a king, it is only he whose divine capacity encapsulates the entire universe. Jesus is the express image of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he is the reflection of His person and fullness.
Since i saw Jesus in person my thoughts have been transformed touching him and i appropriate His divine presence not as the gentleman hanging on the crucifix but i yielded to the Spirit of wisdom and understanding and i have been blessed in my conception of the King of all the kings in the universe.

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