WHAT’S THE DEVIL UP TO? what does the bible say about Satan



Part One

There’s a strong fight against Christians most importantly, those who have purposed to walk in God’s statues because they are a threat to the kingdom of darkness.

It’s quite amazing to see unbelievers seemingly free from the attacks of the adversary because they are his. But his prime motive is to frustrate those who have been translated into God’s kingdom and are been prepared or trained to destroy his strategies.

Unbelievers are in his jurisdiction and are candidates with him as rebels to God.

To keep most folks blind, lost and death prone, he always has eye on the righteous because if they get more of the word via revelation, they will be transformed, become sensitive to the Spirit and eventually be led to aid unbelievers to become Sons and daughters of God escaping his three fold ministry.(Steal, kill and destroy them)

The adversary does this by keeping saints preoccupied to hinder them from spending quality time with God.

And if one is able to spend time with God and receives revelation, he will set out to stop your putting that truth into practice. He wants to hinder us from being a doer of the word as the thief of thieves.

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The devil knows what’s paramount in life that’s revelation or wisdom. 2 Hence, all he does is to hinder God’s people from getting wisdom but rather pursuing what’s disguised as paramount.

You ask Christians why they have not been spending quality time with the lord and almost always their responds are unreasonable because rather than seeking God’s kingdom and his righteousness first (His way of being/living right), they are programmed to keep seeking perishable things pushing them out of God’s protection and enabling the enemy to gradually steal, kill and destroy us.

We tend to blame God for such losses when it was actually us who moved from his secret place.

To be continued…

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