We await His appearance, a Frederick Osei Frimpong poem on the coming of Christ

We await His appearance, a Frederick Osei Frimpong poem on the coming of Christ

Marvelously He chose us

Out of pure love He called us

We who were alienated from Him through our carnal minds

He distilled our thoughts and tabernacled Himself in us

We are more than affiliates; we are associates of His kind


Our new nature has been envied by the enemy

Our received love has made the enemy mad

Persecutions have become the terrain for the church

As the church escalates in glory, the devil throws persecutions on the church

Yet does the church march forward without rescinding her allegiance to Christ


Like a woman who has been betrothed to the Monarch of the universe

We patiently sew our dresses for the wedding ceremony

We keep the garment white spotless and undefiled

No matter how an outsider tries to snatch the garment

We hold onto it and makes it as white as the snow

Our love for the appearance of our groom forbids us to stain our garments

We do not know when our groom come: so we live each day prepared as the day of his appearance

We are mocked by the passerbys, yet shall we love our groom

We know our groom shall appear unannounced

And we shall be like him because we shall cling ourselves with Him


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We love His appearance

Because our crowns are to be revealed by His appearance

We earnestly await on Him


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