The Road will be Muddy and Rough But Trust in the Lord – Part 1

The hospital more or less became my second home when I was growing up and this was due to my weak immune system. My body was disease prone as every now and then my mum had to take me to the hospital for check ups. I felt in love with the work of the young doctors at the hospital and from there I made up my mind at a very young age to become a doctor.

I started to learn as if my head was cut off because I learnt one has to be academically sound or good to be a medical doctor.

Fast forward, in 2010 when I was about writing the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE), I wanted to pursue the General Science programme at the Presbyterian Boys Senior High School, Legon so that was my first choice school in the Computerized School Selection Placement.

God being so good I gained admission to PRESEC – Legon but unfortunately, I became very sick and was admitted at the hospital once again. My parents’ attention was shifted from my admission to me getting better and after the three weeks and four days at the AGA Hospital, PRESEC-Legon had closed admissions.

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The Assistant Head Master Administration, told my dad that, after almost a month after admissions and I hadn’t reported, they assumed I had gotten admission elsewhere and so my admission was given to someone else (Protocol).

No amount of pleading that was given by my dad was considered even after my aggregate 8 and the medical report my dad presented. My dream of becoming a medical doctor was shuttered. It was down in the gutter as I watched it flow away. All hope was lost.

My mum contacted her elder sister who was a non-teaching staff at Osei Kyeretwie Senior High School (OKESS) in Kumasi to help as she couldn’t bare the stigmatization of her first son not gaining admission to the Senior High School.

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OKESS told my dad that the General Science classes were full and so it’s either I read Business or General Arts or forgo the admission.

How can someone who has planned and purposed in his heart to be a Medical Doctor all these years read Business or General Arts at the SHS?
Hope was lost once again but Elohim knew what HE had planned.

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Life in this world they say, is a great struggle for both the young and the old and even those who have great riches have troubles of their own. Rich men envy poor men as poor men envy the rich but if you trust in the Lord, everything will be fine.

To be continued…

© Innocent Akwasi Boachie.

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