Take control of your day, Dr. Cindy Trimm

Take control of your day, Dr. Cindy Trimm

Do not miss out on the rewards of well-managed time. Order is what gives you freedom to be creative. Order gives you the peace of mind you need to be tune into God’s supernatural frequencies and tap into divine inspiration. Without order you will be distracted with the cares and concerns of this life so that you cannot still your mind to hear God’s voice. It is impossible to imagine and envision when you are overextended and stressed. You need to schedule time to purposefully paint the canvas of your life by investing in creative dreaming. Stop to think. Order your day so that you have the time and peace to create the masterpiece God has preordained for you.

Like any professional composer, artist, architect, writer or programmer, you must schedule time to think through things through. Form follows thought, sand the shape of your life is a product of that thought. Structure your time so that you can structure your thoughts, for they provide structure for your life. Know when to take hold of an idea and run with it and when to wait and let it mature until it has ripened. Get God’s timing. Discern God’s order.


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…….. Culled from Commanding Your Morning by Dr. Cindy Trimm

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