Read with Innocent and be Inspired: GIVE AND IT SHALL BE GIVEN UNTO YOU

Read with Innocent and be Inspired


Growing up as a boy, my mum was very careful about my siblings and I so she wanted us to be by her side always. She taught us a lot of things including the Holy Bible but much were things she taught us that we didn’t understand as young as we were. One thing I always kept in mind from her lessons was what she always says _”Akwasi, always do good and the good will return to you one day. Always give and it shall be given unto you. Even if it is the last pessewa, your last meal. Give without thinking about what you’ll eat or have.”_ My mum is a very dedicated and committed Christian and so we (children) listened to every advice she gave us.

I never understood this saying of my mum and the Scriptures until the just ended year 2019.

I have made a lot of friends at the village where I work because as a teacher in the village, everyone wants to be your friend and have a bragging rights that I am Teacher’s friend.

I met this lady who dropped out of school because she became pregnant and gave birth. Life in the village isn’t easy as it is very difficult to even get a two meal for a day. This lady wanted to travel to her husband for the upcoming festive season. She told me she would be leaving on a Monday but I saw her the following Friday and asked why she was still around. Her problem was that she only needed the fare of GHC 15.00 to go and as at the Friday I saw her, she hadn’t gotten some. I told her I will give her the fare so I went to the house, took GHC 20.00 and gave her. In fact, that was the last physical cash I had. The rest was on my MoMo and there was no MoMo merchant at the village where I can cash out some cash. She took the money and thanked me a lot.

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One Sunday, I had no money on me and no food as well. Not even a pessewa to buy a sachet water. After church, as I laid on my bed wandering what I will eat that evening and the days to come, I heard a knock on my door. I didn’t want to open because anytime there’s a knock on my door, it’s either a parent coming to complain about his or her ward’s behavior at home or I was going to assist in writing a letter to the Hon. DCE.

The knock came continuous and I went to open the door and lo and behold, I saw this same lady I helped behind the door carrying a basket on her head.

_”Tee (as in Teacher), I brought you some food.”_ she said. I inquired when she came to village and she told me the previous day, thus Saturday, and that she’ll be staying for three weeks as it was the cocoa season then. I took the basket, thanked her and she left.

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I prayed over the food in the basket before unfolding the napkin and the bowl lid. To my surprise, it was Fufu and palm nut soup with salmon and crabs. Tears rolled down my cheeks as I never knew God was still performing miracles. God fed me through her for the three weeks she was in the village and it was all because of the GhC 20.00 I gave her sometime ago.

Dear reader, God never fails, He never disappoints. If only we will remain in Him, abide in His word and continue to have faith in Him, whatever He has promised us through His son Jesus, will come to pass in our lives and we will see His Glory. Whatever Scriptures have said is true. His words are Yes and Amen. Trust in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. Elohim is still in the miracle business. Shalom!!!

I’m Innocent writes…✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾

*© Innocent Akwasi Boachie.*

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