Nabal’s Bad Attitude (Beware Christians)

Theme: Nabal’s Bad Attitude (Beware Christians)

1 Samuel 25:2 – 13

 2  “Now there was a man in Maon whose business was in Carmel of Judah, and the man was very rich. He had 3,000 sheep and 1,000 goats, and he was shearing his sheep in Carmel.

 3  The man’s name was Nabal and his wife’s name was Abigail. The woman was intelligent and beautiful, while the man was harsh and wicked in his dealings. He was a descendant of Caleb.

 4  While David was in the wilderness, he heard that Nabal was shearing his sheep.

 5  David sent ten young men, saying to the young men, “Go up to Carmel, find Nabal, and greet him in my name.

 6  Then say, ‘May you live long. Peace to you, peace to your family, and peace to all that you have.

 7  Now, I’ve heard that the sheep shearers are with you. Now, your shepherds have been with us. We didn’t harm them, and they didn’t miss anything all the time they were in Carmel.

 8  Ask your young men and they’ll tell you. Therefore let my young men find favor with you since we came on a special day. Please give whatever you have available to your servants and to your son David.’”

 9  David’s young men came to Nabal and told him all this in David’s name, and then they waited.

 10  Nabal answered David’s servants: “Who is David? Who is this son of Jesse? There are many servants today who are breaking away from their masters.

 11  Should I take my food, my water, and my meat that I’ve slaughtered for my shearers and give it to men who came from who knows where?”

 12  David’s men turned and went on their way. They came back and told David everything.

 13  David told his men, “Put on your swords.” They put on their swords, and David put on his sword. Then about 400 men followed David, while 200 stayed with the supplies… “.

Today, we will consider the attitude of Nabal, Abigail’s husband.


Let’s consider the Nabal character-like in a home;

Very churlish: Bad manners all the time. People don’t come to his house the second time. His one word will push you away. You can imagine the kind of home it will be with this character. Listen to what he said to the servants of David in verse 10; “Who is David? And who is the son of Jesse”?
Be nice to people even if you won’t help them.

Bad temper: Nobody crosses Nabal. You dare not step on his foot. You dare not touch his child. You dare not touch his property. You dare not say anything about his household. So Nabal children will always become pompous, because nobody corrects them and Nabal himself has no time for them. Look at verse 11; “Shall I then take my bread and my water and my meat that I have killed for my shearers, and give it to men about whom I know not where they come from”?
Calm down with your hot temper because it doesn’t produce the righteousness of God.

Evil in his doings: Nabal will never think anything good. Every plan of Nabal is evil. People don’t tell him of their problems because he has no good counsel for them. Any fowl mistakingly come to his yard, it will not return. He will use it for soup that day. Everyday there is meat in his soup. He can influence his children to steal people’s property. Any child who is closed to him will eventually be influenced. His evil plans make people shun him and his children. Listen to this in verse 17; “For he is a son of worthlessness, so that none can speak to him”.
The wages of sin is death and after this death judgment, so stop your evil plans.

Very violent: Nabal doesn’t alter plenty words and you receive his punches. You dare not insult Nabal’s wife, child or himself, because you will receive a dirty slap on your face. Nabal doesn’t plan before beating. .Nabal has no friend in the neighbourhood except drunkards. Check verse 36; “…And Nabal’s heart was merry within him, for he was very drunk…”
You should be like Christ not the other round.

Fraudulence: Most of his establishment do not acquire through decent means. He is a confidence trickster. The only wisdom he could boast of. He uses fraud to acquire most of his properties. No wonder God had to kill him; “And it happened about ten days afterward the LORD struck Nabal so that he died” (verse 38), because God hates wicked people. Check Psalm 7:11 “God judges the righteous, and God is angry with the wicked every day”.
Very oppressive: Nabal words are final no matter the relevance of your point. He can make his subordinate under subjection. He can suppress his wife and children to his own satisfaction without considering their feelings. He gives commands when it is not necessary. Check verse 3 “…But the man was cruel and evil in his dealings…”
You buy a one cedi item and want to get three cedis profit, it is called cheat. Even in church you practice this. Stop it!

These are the main outstanding attitudes of the man Nabal in a home. We will consider his wife Abigail, the wise woman tomorrow if Jesus tarries.

God bless you.

Rev. John Wundengba
020 9 422 159

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