MORNING DEW: God is always ready to fight for you InfantryOfficer INF

MORNING DEW: God is always ready to fight for you

MORNING DEW: 07-10-2018

THEME: God is always ready to fight for you


  1. A jealous God, the LORD avenges. The LORD avenges; The Lord is an angry husband. The LORD takes vengeance on his enemies, reserving anger for his adversaries.
  2. The LORD is slow to anger and powerful, and he will never let the guilty go unpunished. The LORDs path is in the windstorm and hurricane; thunderclouds are dust beneath his feet.
  3. He rebukes the sea, and it evaporates; he dries up all the rivers. Bashan and Carmel wither, while the flowers of Lebanon languish.
  4. Mountains shake because of him, and the hills melt. The earth goes into upheaval at his presence, as does the world with all of its inhabitants.
  5. Who can stand before his fury? And who can endure his fierce anger? His displeasure pours out like fire, and rocks are broken to pieces because of him.

The Lord is an angry husband.

Wow! What a revelation!

Every husband is jealous. You may have different view but that is the reality. A husband will not be happy seeing his wife with another man at a wrong place. A good husband will always protect his wife no matter what. He will always fight for his wife.

God is that type of husband. He will always protect you. He will always fight for you. But He is a jealous God. He is an angry husband.

 What will make God jealous?

  1. Serving other gods
  2. Giving His praise to another
  3. Saying no to His commands

These things make God jealous. The Assyrians troubled God’s children. They humiliated God’s wife and as a good husband He was ready to take revenge.

What is your condition? What is worrying you? Is it pain? Is it sickness? Mention it. Your God can do anything to fight for you.

“He rebukes the sea, and it evaporates; he dries up all the rivers… (Verse 4).

This shows His power. It shows what He can do.

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If your torn persist it doesn’t mean He can’t do it, but it means His grace is sufficient for you.

Just be calm. Be patient. He is always ready to fight for you.

Happy Sunday Beloved!

Prayer: Fight for me Lord, for the enemy is near, thank you Lord!


Rev. John Wundengba


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