MORNING DEW: Do you have a dream to pursue?

MORNING DEW: 04-10-2018

THEME: Do you have a dream to pursue?


  1. Right about this time, Joseph had a dream and then told it to his brothers. As a result, his brothers hated him all the more!
  2. Let me tell you about this dream that I had! he said.
  3. We were tying sheaves together out in the middle of the fields, when all of a sudden, my sheaf stood up erect! And then your sheaves gathered around it and bowed down to my sheaf!
  4. At this, his brothers replied, Do you really think you’re going to rule us or lord it over us? So they hated him even more because of his dreams and his interpretations of them.
  5. But then he had another dream, and he proceeded to tell his brothers about that one, too. I had another dream, he said. The sun, moon, and eleven of the stars were bowing down before me!
  6. When Joseph told his father about this, his father rebuked him and asked him, What kind of dream is that? Will I, your mother, and your brothers really come to you and bow down to the ground in front of you?
  7. As a result, his brothers became more envious of him. But his father kept thinking about all of this.


Joseph, despite his brothers attitude towards him he still trusted them and could reveal his future (dream) to them.

Let’s consider the Word “DREAM”.

Dream means:

To see imaginary events in one’s mind while sleeping.

To hope, to wish.

Dreams are the activities or the things you plan of doing in the future.

God sometimes uses dreams to reveal His plans to His children. And Joseph was one.


Joseph destiny was revealed to him in the form of dream. Joseph was quick to tell his brothers. I cannot think far as to why Joseph told his brothers the plans of God for his life. Was he thinking that his brother’s attitude towards him will suddenly change because he will rule them one day?

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Well that was premature attempt anyway. Already his brothers hated him and he was adding more fire.

When he told them of the first dream they envied him. He never learnt his lessons, he had to tell them the second dream. At this point they became more envious of him.

Anyone who envies you can kill you. So it was a serious problem for the people of Israel and God had to make it a law for them to avoid it. (Exodus 20:17). Joseph’s brothers, however, could do anything to him as far as his dreams were concerned. They did not help him nurture his dreams. They rather wanted to abort those so-called dreams.


Premature Christians like Joseph discuss God’s plans for their lives with people anyhow. Whether the people involved are believers or not you have to be careful. When you discuss spiritual matters with a spiritual person he understands you, but if the person is a canal Christian or unbeliever he will not understand you. You can discuss it with a witch who knows how to transfer people’s destinies.

Even as a child a witch can steal your star (destiny). That’s why you don’t allow anybody as parent, to bath your child after birth. Most of the problems people are faced with today, all started immediately after birth. Jabez sorrows began right after birth when his mother gave him that name, Jabez – pain (1 Chronicles 4:9-10).

Be careful parents!

That is why when Joseph told his father the second dream he rebuked him, yet he kept thinking about the dream, that is a spiritual man. Read it here:

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“When Joseph told his father about this, his father rebuked him and asked him, What kind of dream is that? Will I, your mother, and your brothers really come to you and bow down to the ground in front of you?

As a result, his brothers became more envious of him. But his father kept thinking about all of this” (Genesis 37:10-11).

That is spiritual matured man – he kept thinking about all of this.

The rebuking was not to condemn him but rather to say “stop discussing this to people”. Because they are certain people who kill dreams. We call them “dream killers’.

Do you have a dream? Who are you discussing it with? Does the person understand spiritual matters? Is the person a matured Christian? Does the person keep secrets?

Can you trust the person? Do you know the person well?

Beloved, these are important questions you need to ask yourself before you make a move to discussing your dreams.

Joseph dreams interpreted themselves so even a lay man could understand. There are dreams you need interpretations. Such dreams go to the Holy Spirit for interpretation.

That is why as a believer you should know how the Holy Spirit speaks to you. If you have no idea, go to the spiritual matured men and women of God to help interpret it for you. They also need the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

What is your dream? Stop talking about it to people anyhow and be focused.

Prayer: Help me dear Holy Spirit, to be able to know whom to discuss my dream with, in Jesus’ Name!


Rev. John Wundengba


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