MORNING DEW: David, the man after God’s own heart (Part 15)

MORNING DEW: 15-11-2018


TEXT: 1 SAMUEL 17:54-58

David took the Philistine’s head and brought it to Jerusalem, but he put Goliath’s weapons in his tent. When Saul saw David going out to meet the Philistine, he asked Abner, the commander of the army, “Whose son is this young man, Abner?” Abner said, “As surely as you live, your majesty, I don’t know.” The king replied, “Go find out whose son the young man is.” When David returned from striking down the Philistine, Abner took him and brought him to Saul with the Philistine’s head in his hand. Saul told him, “Whose son are you, young man?” David said, “The son of your servant Jesse of Bethlehem.”


David, after slaying Goliath, brought his head to king Saul as an evidence. The king was astonished and became confused. He had to ask again of David’s identity. No wonder the Spirit of God was no longer with him. He was empty.

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The Spirit of God makes the difference in the life of a Christian. Without Him a Christian cannot operate. When you lose contact with the Holy Spirit, you:

  1. Become empty.
  2. Are dead spiritually.
  3. Have no impact.
  4. Are replaced with an evil spirit.
  5. Become dry.

David was with King Saul in the palace, serving him yet he asked of his identity again, very confused, emptiness.

Read this:

“David went to Saul and began to serve him. Saul loved him very much, and he became his armor bearer.

Saul sent a messenger to Jesse to tell him, “Allow David to serve me, because I’m pleased with him.” (1 Samuel 16:21-22).

Saul himself sent for David, the son of Jesse, and the same Saul asked David; “…Whose son are you, young man?”

Beloved, it is not good to loose contact with the Holy Spirit. Many Christians today have missed the fellowship of the Spirit. Such people do nothing in the house of God and complain a lot, and the reason is very simple, they are confused.

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Abner had to bring David himself to answer the king because he didn’t want to commit himself. Abner, I’m sure knew David very well but the king was aggressive and could do anything, hence he feared to lose his head.

Beloved, it is dangerous to be close with a dry Christian. It is dangerous to walk with a Christian who has no connection with the Holy Spirit. When such people are telling you A they will be doing B. They are very dangerous and poisonous.

Avoid dry Christians if not you will become a victim.

…to be continued…

Prayer: Father, fill me with the Holy Spirit, in Jesus’ mighty Name!


Rev. John Wundengba


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