MIRACLE, MAGIC or FRAUD: The Hustle Is Real

MIRACLE, MAGIC or FRAUD: The Hustle Is Real

“I don’t think this scanty proposal of yours has enough weight to make the project feasible. You can try another time.” The CEO told Barnabas.

“But Sir, can you please give it a try, please. This is my last shot… I just… I can’t be thrown off this bus of hope I’ve had, bringing up this proposal. I have worked my butts off, day and dusk in the dense nights of cold to make this happen. If you could just give it a chance please.” Barnabas pleaded with the CEO.

The CEO didn’t have a choice than reject the proposal. It was Barnabas’ fifth time presenting the said proposal to five different companies, to make up for a job. He had a wife and three children to take care of. Before this struggle, he was once the CEO of a reputable company but became jobless after the company crushed.

Desperation made up his face and stress tangled his breath, each time his proposal was rejected by a company or was denied a job opportunity. He pulled almost every string and straw to connect and build a way out but they all proved futile.

“Lazy man! I don’t know why I married you incompetent specie of a man. You are not working and expect me to work and take care of the family. Are you a man at all? When your mates have upgraded the status of their wives, you want me to rather upgrade yours. “Gyama awara nnkyԑki wo self (Don’t you respect yourself?)”.

That is the greeting Barnabas received from his wife every morning. It echoed in his mind every night he spent on the couch. His wife was from a rich home so she could boast of a cushion to fall back on. She was the type who believed in “the man has to take care of the family at all times” ideology so she laid back even though she could have helped.


On the last Sunday in the last week of the month of March, Barnabas was drained within his soul that he didn’t want to go to church. He had almost given up on hopes of experiencing a swing from his situation to a commendable status. His wife took the three children in her “Toyota Land Cruiser” her father had given her a year ago as a birthday gift. Barnabas remained at home, lonely and torn as the shorts of a cripple.

Somewhere along the church service in the peak moment of reverence to the Most High, when the Pastor had finished preaching and was decreeing and declaring into the lives of some members, a man entered the church premises.

“Young man, come to the altar. Yes, you. The one who just entered.” The Pastor said to the man


It was Barnabas. He walked towards the altar in his oversized shirt and trouser which used to fit on his body some months ago. His wife shied the presence of her husband.

“This week, you will experience a miracle” The Pastor said to Barnabas. “Amen” Barnabas replied in a weak tone.

“There is a miracle coming your way. I decree that it shall never miss your tracks” The Pastor said to Barnabas. Right from the church premises through the week, the word “miracle” kept ringing in his mind. He didn’t know how, but he believed it, and anticipated. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday went by…..

On Thursday when Barnabas was returning from town with his wife’s car after running an errand, his spirit was touched by the sight of alms demanders on the street as he waited in the traffic. One blind woman led by a lad, a deaf and dumb man, and a cripple cladded his car to ask for money.


As broke as he was, he reached out to his pocket and found GH¢ 1.20p. How was he going to distribute it to these three? He then thought of the GH¢ 50.00 note his wife had given him to buy pampers for their third child and groceries. Barnabas contemplated on giving them smaller notes but he didn’t have any. In an effort to seem kind and passionate to these beggars, he gave them the GH¢ 50.00 note and asked the three to share.

To his surprise, the blind woman could see after touching the GH¢ 50.00 note, the deaf and dumb could hear the blind say “fifty Ghana”, and the cripple could rise up and walk to reach the money “without their aid just to ensure that no one was cheated”.

What a shock! Blood of….

Barnabas couldn’t believe his eyes as the ‘used to be’ cripple and deaf and dumb chased after the “blind woman” to take their share. He was awestruck, shot off this earth, flabbergasted, cluttered, and skewed off his consciousness. Other road users watched the scene with the same surprise as Barnabas. Is this what he sacrificed the GH¢ 50.00 for?

“This is a miracle” Barnabas told himself. Well, was it? He drove off in a confused state, contemplating whether it was the miracle the Pastor had talked about, magic or fraud. Whichever way, he kept hoping for a miracle that his wife wouldn’t insult him since he was returning without the pampers and groceries.

© Eben Ace

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