Mary Ansah (Personality Profile)

Mary Ansah is a female gospel minister who worships with the Full Gospel Church International. She is married with a son. Mary lives at Suncity, a surburb in Tema West. She is also a business woman who deals with cosmetics and wigs.

Mary started singing in 2001 when someone formed a choir for the youth in her church. Her motivation for singing is derived from God and His word.

During a live worship session on Atinka FM, a local radio station in Ghana, a lady called Esther was so much touched that, she rescinded her decision on a suicide she wanted to commit. Mary Ansah revealed that the incident really motivated her to continue doing what she is doing with all her heart.

Mary released her maiden album, Wo Mmre Soa, on December 10th 2017 but it couldn’t go far as she anticipated. She is praying her next album could reach the masses and change many lives.

The devoted artiste is set to release a single before the end of the year.

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Mary revealed she has no individual artiste she could mention as her role model but she is learning from every musician she meets.

Mary Ansah has been organizing an annual program called Hallal.  She has also performed at several events across the country.

Her greatest worry with the music industry is the discrimination and jealousy. She is also worried by the fact that most people would only support you if you already have the name in the industry. Budding musicians find it difficult to get assistance and promotion.

She therefore advised other musicians to be truthful to themselves, faithful to God and develop a Christ-like mindset.

“Heaven and hell is real so we should focus on where we will spend eternity and reach out to lost souls as well but not only building of career skills and potentials”, she advised.

RECOMMENDED:  Mary Ansah out with song titled ‘Bibia Nni Ho’ (Listen/Download)


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