Life is full of hardships, “but we must be willing to trust God”, Jentezen Franklin speaks

Life is full of hardships, “but we must be willing to trust God”, Jentezen Franklin speaks

The popular televangelist, Pastor Jentezel Franklin has lifted the lids on his journey in life as he has launched his newest book, “ACRESOF DIAMOND”. The book is to inform the readers of discover God’s best right where they are.

The man of God shared his ordeal at age 16 how he developed a blood deficiency which resulted in boils breaking all over his face and body and depleting the quality of life he had. He said, “At age 16, I heard a preacher preach and it moved me to the core. I was fighting back with tears. I went to the altar and whispered a prayer: ‘God, if you want me to preach, I want to be able to touch people.’ And I felt God had heard my prayer and that all would be well moving forward.”

He expected life to be rosy since then but was hit by the storm of blood deficiency. He narrated of how he hopped from one medical expert to the other.

He said, “I lived an isolated life for one year. It was depressing. It became the worst nightmare of my life. I looked like a freak. Kids would laugh at me at school. I felt like a monster.” He added he would cry to God, “Why me, Lord?”

In that moment, he was faced with a decision: “I could either let the roots of bitterness grow or choose to produce the fruits of the Spirit.”

He is well celebrated today for his great contribution to the kingdom of God and insists’ “he draws inspiration from the rough period in his life in preparation of sermons”.

He said’ “life is full of hardships but we must be willing to trust God to give birth to diamonds in our lives.”

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