Letter to A Young Music Minister Friend – Eugene Zuta

My beloved Min. Olonka,

I thank God for the opportunity to have met you at Ngosrah International Apostolic Church Universal last weekend. I must confess you have such a beautiful voice and a strong anointing… I pray the Holy Spirit would grant you grace to keep your focus on Him.

I was really taken aback when you approached me after the service to be your Father…and I realised how disappointed you were when I declined. Do bear with me, fatherhood is such a big responsibility to bear, one I don’t think I can handle. We have one father in heaven so the best I can be to you is an elder brother..that way we can all serve the Lord together.

Bro, this morning while I was thinking about you..the Lord placed this on my heart.
You see, as a minister you are an agent of God and His representative to His people. As a result many will come to you to have a God experience. Do not for once think its because of your abilities,capabilities or strategies. You are like the container into which the content is placed. Though the container adds some value to the content, it is totally valueless without it!! So no matter what let people see the Jesus in you!!

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Learn also that, in your line of work…many vulnerable people will come your way. People who have been battered by life, entangled by the effect of wrong choices and mangled by the effect of years of addiction….Be very careful you do not exploit their vulnerability to your gain and their hurt as some do…but be like the Lord Jesus who always restored the dignity of the suffering and took care of their need.

Learn to multiply bread for the multitude rather than eating it alone and sending them away,..learn to visit the mothers of the Peters people you work with, and instead being angry at the people who break protocol by lowering a sick man through the roof of the auditorium in the middle of your powerful flips…know that when desperation sets in its an encounter with power that is required not a show of finesse!

Concerning the other questions you asked, I will give some answers in my next letter.

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I wish you a Happy New Month, and don’t forget to come sow a seed of your gigs to me wae for increased oil…(O sorry I forgot brothers don’t take seeds)😝

Yours Zomified


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