Invest In Yourself While Single, Pastor Ifeanyi Adefesara Advises Young People

The Co – Pastor at House of Rock, Pastor Mrs. Ifeanyi Adefesara has counselled, that, ” the single period is an important period not to make fallow “. She encouraged the bachelors and spinsters to invest themselves socially, culturally, educationally and intellectually.

“Your life is a reflection of the investment you make”, she said. The single peroid makes you free from certain marital laws and one needs to be productive during such a period. Your waiting for a spouse should not waste; it should yield dividend. The only way your waiting can lead to dividends, is by engage in value – adding activities in your singlehood. You must really make a decision not to be wasteful.

Also, she asked the single chaps to review their relationship, if incompatibilties are unable to be resolved. Differences in a relationship are inevitable but in a situation where there is no indication to resolve incompatibilities, then, one has to reason again whether he/she should be in the relationship at all.

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