How The Methodist Church Started In Ghana

The Methodist Church of Ghana has been one of the longstanding Orthodox churches in Ghana. The church has literally produced many dignitaries in the country and significantly inputed to national growth in Ghana.

It provides formal education to Ghanaians and are quiet different from the Methodist (UK) in terms of operation. The difference can be seen in the Charismatic way of fellowshipping.

There was a widespread of missionaries at the then Gold Coast in 1800. The land was so rich with gold and served as a major port for the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. The Asantes ruled the coast of Gold and was overthrown by British forces. The British forces hence gained authority of the land and by 1835, the riches in the land had drawn the attention of many European giants. This brought many other missionaries and Protestants from Portugal and France to Gold Coast. The major move of missions caused the Methodist Committee Conference sent by Mr. Joseph Rhodes Dunwell to be the first Methodist missionary in Ghana. His missionary work commenced in 1835 in Cape Coast.

The Methodist Ghana now boasts of many branches nationwide.

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