Over the weekend (Saturday) I had an interesting encounter. It was after I’d enjoyed the charming embrace of book lovers, writers and poets at BOOK EXCHANGE- Beach Edition at LA. I received a free ride to Tema when Dorcas Fafali Tsey made the offer known. I jumped in since it was a relief to the stress on my budget.


Pearl and one other lady in the car alighted at a convenient stop where they would board a vehicle to their destination, Madina. The driver and I journeyed on to Tema, using the beach-road route.


Interesting and comforting personality he had.

We engaged ourselves in several points of conversation from personal information, the abnormal rent charges of property owners, annoying middlemen, political irregularities, education, poetry, etc. I must say I loved the to-and-fro yield of the conversation.

-Idea sharing-

He drove me safely to TDC, Tema, as we exchanged appreciation and goodwill for accommodating each other through the journey.

Wait! I left my phone in the car!

Just as he drove off, I quickly remembered that I was charging my phone in his car, which I forgot to unplug. Chai! My little voice couldn’t reach through the rolled up glasses as my small legs quickened to chase the car through a distance. I never knew I was better than Usain Bolt…


There I was, “phoneless” without a single contact of anyone close to my good Samaritan. I devised a strategy to ask anyone I saw with a smartphone to do me a favour. All I had in mind was for the person to go to Facebook (via mine or his/her account) and fish-out a contact of Fafali since she linked me to the free ride.

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-Quick strategy-

The first man I approached didn’t see the bold “HELP ME” written on my forehead nor the desperation in my breath. He was in suit so I thought “Oh, my guy!”. I explained to him and asked for help us he said he doesn’t “go to Facebook on weekends”


I understood and respected that but I begged him to please break his rule if possible, just to help me out. He didn’t bite. He gave another excuse that his data was off, while he was receiving WhatsApp messages. Well, it’s his decision to help me and I couldn’t persuade him much with my plea. I moved to the next guy beside him but it was just as watering a stone with hopes that a flower would sprout.

-Nobody trusts a stranger-

I stood beside the road confused till I saw another guy opposite the road with a smartphone. I approached, rolled my needs before him but he didn’t seem convinced at first. I hammered further and begged him till he kind of bought into my request. He recounted of a similar ordeal in the past from a fraudster who ended up stealing his phone. He ended the call he was already on and decided to help me.

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He didn’t have enough bundle so he bought extra from his mobile money account, which he claimed was meant to be delivered to someone. He decided to help a stranger to an extent. He logged in to Facebook, searched for Dorcas Fafali Tsey, and asked him to view her profile picture which was the poster of the Book Exchange event. We wrote down all four numbers on the poster and called till the last number, Godfred picked up.

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He trusted me at this point.


The link to the driver was created, I meet him up in Tema since he wasn’t done with his ’rounds’ before leaving to his residence in Accra.

I don’t know what made this guy trust me that he wasn’t having a Dejá vu of his past experience with a fraudster, but one thing he said connoted his trust.

He said “I watch your face wey I say make I help you (I looked at your face and decided to help)” Ha! Maybe the first two people I approached can’t read faces but dude had a big heart to understand me.

We have our reasons not to trust strangers; based on past experiences, ideologies, perceptions etc. Some will never help you even if you produce a million evidence that you’re genuine. Yes, we feel insecure at times trusting strangers and tend to be extra cautious but then, the bad nuts don’t make the good ones bad.

But how do you recognise a good nut?

I can’t tell you how to trust strangers or when to, but not all may be bad as you may think. And yes, not everyone would trust you the day you become the stranger but there are good Samaritans out there.

To what extent, would you trust a stranger?

Source: Eben Ace

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