From Secular to Gospel Artiste, David Bangalie from Sierra Leone Tells His Story. David Bangalie

From Secular to Gospel Artiste, David Bangalie from Sierra Leone Tells His Story.

David Bangalie Wise Lamin also known as King David or Wiseman is from Freetown, the  capital city of Sierra Leone. He is a gospel Minister and a Keyboardist. He has great passion for music and helping people especially children.

Lamin started singing when he was in the  junior secondary school. He recalls listening and mimicking songs. His first studio recording was done in 2004 with his friends  on a song titled “Change Me Style”. The name of the group then was ‘Three Wise Men’.

David got converted to Christianity in 2006 and joined the Living Stone Evangelistic Ministry International. Since then, he has moved on to develop enormous passion for gospel music. He joined the Church’s choir in 2007 and started playing keyboard for them in 2008. Since then he has remained a leading member of  the church’s Praise and Worship team.

David, wanting to send his singing ability to the whole world, released his first gospel album in 2013 titled “Life of Hope”, which had 11 songs and subsequently released his second album three years later in 2016. That album also has 8 songs and is titled “ Papa You Too much”.

“Most people don’t support gospel ministers. It is also not easy to raise funds in order to record my songs. I use my salary to pay for my recording. Though it is not easy but I am moving by the grace of God”, David explained his challenges.

King David has succeeded in organizing Gospel Musical Concerts in Sierra Leone and has also being Guest Artiste in various musical concerts.

“In 20 years from now I see my music label becoming one of the biggest in Africa. I am also working on registering my children foundation, The David Bangalie Foundation, this year. That will be opened to help needy children to have access to education and other basic things in my country. The David Bangalie Company will also be in full operation. This company will also help to create jobs for the  youth”, the cool talking Gospel Artiste revealed.

David is currently working at Plan International Sierra Leone and studying MBA in Project Management at Njala University Sierra Leone.

Below are the links to his latest album, “Papa You Too Much”, listen and send us your feedback.

Google Drive:

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Michaela Kamara April 21, 2017 at 11:21 am

I’m feeling it, this song the sweet me my brother. Surely your story is a superb one and has not ended yet…..wish you all the very best in everything you do. King David…


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