CHURCH STREET; Satisfy Thy Wife

CHURCH STREET; Satisfy Thy Wife

Episode 7

67th Judas Avenue.

“I now pronounce you two, husband and wife. You may now kiss the Bride” Rev. Badu pronounced for the couple to share their first kiss at the altar. The Groom shied away for a few seconds before meeting his lips with the Bride’s.

The congregation applauded in excitement for Mr. Obimpeh Toddison and Mrs. Ohenewaa Toddison. Obimpeh, popularly nicknamed as “Spiritual” was the leader of the Church’s prayer department, assistant leader for the youth church, together with other minor positions he held in the church. Undoubtedly, he played immense roles and contributed to the building of the faith of members in Christ.

His well-built gentleman stature in flesh and perceived knowledge of the spirit and word were ultimately a plus for ladies who admired him. His in-depth exploration of scriptural insight was top-notch. Obimpeh’s mannerism were in line with the kind of man most Christian sisters would sort to choose as husband.

He was a ‘fresh guy’!

He hardly opened up his social life for a relationship in the past 27years till he finally found himself attracted to Ohenewaa. He liked Ohenewaa from afar, each time his sight located her presence but he couldn’t step forward to make his intentions known.

The only form of conversation he had with Ohenewaa were the exchange of “Hi” and “Hello”. His need to delve into the spiritual realm to ascertain his feelings between lust and love was key. Three months into his realization of attraction and yet no sign of closeness. Insecurity set in anytime he found his ‘crush’ too close to another guy.

Obimpeh didn’t ask Ohenewaa to know if he shall be given the chance. He didn’t knock either. Hmm, some Christian brothers.

Irrespective of the fact that he admired the lady, he couldn’t have her if steps to acquaint himself were numb. It sure wasn’t going to be manna falling from the sky but the boldness to access her attitude beyond physical appearance, and speaking out. Angels were not going to descend and approach Ohenewaa on his behalf; he had to unzip the seal off his lips and speak. There, he had a damsel prepared for him but couldn’t step forth to the green pasture of blessing.

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He was highly spiritual but without an action in the physical, his desires were not going to be fulfilled.

A year went by and as usual, they only exchanged “Hi” and “Hello”. Maybe he wasn’t a ‘lazy mouth’ as you may assume. The numerous sermons preached on how Christian brothers can approach Christian sisters to make their intentions known didn’t push Obimpeh to ‘repent’ of his slow tactics.

He had made all the inquiries, observed her behavior and prayed into it but he still held his heart in his hand in fear to walk ahead.

A year-and-half went by before Obimpeh took petty steps closer to Ohenewaa to be her friend. The friendship grew quite slow with time. The only dates they had were to events that had to do with their Christian faith. The rules were thick and strong as the ball began to roll for the commencement of their relationship, six months later.

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The values of abstinence and purity were strongly hammered. No sleepovers- very necessary to keep their sanity. Ohenewaa wasn’t bothered by the numerous restriction as required by their faith. She believed she was going to enjoy more than enough if they tied the knot someday.

How Obimpeh proposed marriage to Ohenewaa after two years of relationship was a miracle. I wonder how tensed he was and the many times he had to rehearse his lines but he was bold for once, or maybe twice.

What a beautiful wedding ceremony it was.

The drama at their first night was laughable as a comic movie scene. Both didn’t have enough experience on the biological interaction of couples on the first night. Obimpeh lay on the bed with his face up towards the ceiling, whispering song of praise. Ohenewaa walked to-and-fro in the room in her red lingerie as her mother had advised.

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She positioned her body close to her husband to engage him in a conversation. Her erotic moves to entice Obimpeh to have a taste of her body took long but he finally executed the first task after they had prayed for an hour.

He prayed for forgiveness of sin after he had made love to his wife. Yeah.

Obimpeh was married, highly spiritual to the things of faith but the need to satisfy the sexual needs of his wife were lacking. In a way, he found it quite sinful. Six months into the marriage and both had shared their body only once. He would divert advances by his wife to share their body to a spiritual matter.

Certain times, he would make the excuse of fasting so the decision to stay away from sex. Ohenewaa was drained of love. She felt disconnected from the very union she had preserved herself to enjoy but here she was, receiving scripture on why she had been denied sex for the past nine months after marriage.

To an extent, she was torn between divorcing her husband because he didn’t have time for her. He devoted his time to the things of God and hardly paid attention to his wife. Only if he knew that was also sinful.

1 Corinthians 7:3-5 “The husband should to his wife her conjugal rights, and likewise the wife to her husband. For the wife does not own have authority over her own body, but the husband does. Likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does. Do not deprive one another, except perhaps by agreement for a limited time, that you my devote yourselves to prayer; but then come together again, so that Satan my not tempt you because of lack of self-control”

© 2018 Eben Ace

(Inspired by bits of true life experiences)

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