Assemblies Of God Prophet Cautions Christians Against Purchase Of Anointing Oil And Payment Of Consultation Fees Before Meeting A Man Of God

The Head Pastor of Higherlife Assemblies of God, Prophet Samuel Frimpong has cautioned Christians against the purchase of anointing oil and payment of consultation fees before meeting a man of God.
According to him such things are unbiblical and immoral in the sight of God and follows no logic, rather Christians should give such monies to their resident pastors to support the work of God.
“God never took anything from us in giving us his grace, blessing and power so why do we charge his flock and sell anointing oil, water among other things to members,” he quipped.

False Prophets

Speaking on at a climax of a four- day programme dubbed “Divine Miracles” organised by Lifeline Assemblies of God, the man of God urged pastors among other religious leaders to be careful of the prophets and kind of pastors they invite to their churches for religious programmes.
“We need to be really sure of their ministries of God before we invite to our churches. We need to know them better before we invite them to our churches,” he emphasised.
Most importantly, Prophet Frimpong advised that, Christians should be careful of the pastors and prophets they allow to lay their hands on them.
According to him, some take away the glory and favour upon their lives immediately they lay their hands on them and cautioned Ghanaians to be wary of such pastors.
Prophet Frimpong admonished Christians to celebrate their Pastors in the various churches as they listen to their unaltered teachings and eschew all negative tendencies.
He challenged true men of God to continue to give the unaltered word of God which would expose the fake ones as members differentiate the true word of God from the altered word of fake ministers of the Gospel.

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Knowledge of God

“Gods people die through lack of knowledge, look first to the words of God not from men. Fear and search for God, believe in him, not false human Messiahs,” Prophet Frimpong said.
The Man of God explained that, Christians should make time to study the word of God as they walk according to the word, adding that, if Christians know the true word of God, no false prophet or pastor can throw dust into their eyes.
“Knowledge does not come to lazy Christians, therefore Christians should make time for their bible since they have decided to follow God and that is the only manual they can use,” the Prophet noted.
He urged Christians not to believe in the devils and demons in their families but believe in God who is more powerful to destroy any work of the devil.
He advised Christians to use the word of God consistently and quote the right verses to counter the works of devils and demons since it is the most powerful weapon for every Christian.


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