Apostle Johnson Suleman’s Brexit’s Prophecy Fulfilled

One of Apostle Johnson Suleman’s three (3) dimensional proofs of his calling, is, ” the reality of the Holy Ghost “. This is expressed in his accurate prophecies which only brings the days of Prophet Samuel comes to pass, ” none of Samuel’s word never fell to the ground “.

Apostle Johnson Suleman gives both National and International prophecies on every New Year’s eve under the auspices of the Holy Ghost. Having declared 2020 as the “Year of Greater Works “, he gave explicit happenings in the year. One of the many prophesies, was, ” UK experiences Brexit finally ” which can be seen as his fourth (4th) International prophecy for the night.

After series of deliberations by the U.K government to withdraw from the European Union (E.U), a vote was cast by the commons where 330 were in favour of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill against a 231 who were against it.

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Theresah May resigned as the Prime Minister as MP’s failed to back her Brexit agreement. United Kingdom is to leave EU by 31st January, 2020.

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