A rare interview with the Mike Bamiloye family

Guess who stopped by in our studio on Saturday afternoon!

It was none other than the Mike Bamiloye family, known for their gospel movies under the umbrella Mount Zion Film Productions.

Three of them, Mrs Gloria Bamiloye, Damilola Bamiloye and Joshua Bamiloye honored our invitation and we had such an interesting conversation with them.

In this interview, Dami who is the brain behind several of the Mount Zion movie scripts, and Joshua, the producer of the sound tracks for the movies open up on their passion and more.

Excerpts below:

Presenter:   Joshua tell us about your journey into music

Joshua Bamiloye: I started with producing background effects for Mount Zion movies, then it evolved into chants into movies like Abobaku and then music itself. The first one I did was for the movie blood on the altar. And that was an experimental thing. My dad heard me and my cousin on the key board back then and he asked us to compose a sound track for the movie, we were so excited and we did it. It was a very funny sound but it was very good. Fast forward to years later the sound evolved into music. The first track I produced was for the movie Forces against my soul. My songs are always inspired by God. Most times, the inspiration comes for the movies produced and at other times, rather than playing around, watching TV or laying idle, I work on songs because it is God’s assignment for me to win souls out there.

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Presenter:  Now to you Dami, what’s the inspiration behind the scripts you write

Dami Bamiloye: I was born into drama. I was in my mummy’s womb when she started acting and the anointing flowed from there. I started when I was two years old, the perilous times movie, and it was  like a fluke. I saw the camera and started crying and my dad improvised and made it seem like i was crying becuase i didn’t want to go to school and people were like, aww, see how he is crying naturally. It is inborn. Also God is behind the scripts I write.  Sometimes when i am led to write scripts and i can’t explain it, but God has a way of doing things.

Presenter: Mummy, how does it feel having two talented boys?

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Mrs Bamiloye: It is God and it runs in the family, we all sing, you can’t be a dramatist and not know how to sing. His father sings, I sing. Even our daughter Dara can sing. She is the primary back up singer for Joshua. She writes prose, screen and scripts…everything, she is a bunch of talent too.

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It’s a family affair, we’re all talented in our family and that is a blessing.

Presenter: Do you often receive criticisms ?

Mrs Bamiloye: Yes. The criticism initially came from early production, people were always asking us to be using better cameras and improve on our production quality  and thank God we now use better cameras. Some even condemn us for wearing trouser or make up when playing a prostitution role in any of the movies, yes i know our boundaries but we need to make some of these roles believable.

Presenter: How it feels like having a family run the business

Dami Bamiloye: The reason why it is a family thing is because it is a family ministry. With our gifts joined together, it makes it easier to spread the gospel. I write, I produce and I also direct the photography and shoot films for dad while Joshua produces music and soundtracks in his room, so instead of going outside to get the camera man, or pay for studio sessions or pay for all these things, we do it ourselves.

These specialized gifts come together to make a beautiful package. Mind you, it is not only Mike Bamiloye and his family that is involved, we have some other Mount Zion children and families that do these things.

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